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Special Delivery (1999)

Character Name: William Rayman

Attorney Ally Matherson (Sean Young) has it all: a budding relationship with a handsome newspaper editor (Brett Cullen) and a brand new partnership in a thriving L.A. law firm. Throw in an adoring father, sassy sister, an amiable, if kooky ex-husband and her plate is pretty full.

That is, until at her sister’s wedding, Ally begins hearing “voice.” That is, one voice, belonging to a chatty angel going by the name of Gabby. And when Ally is told she is about to bear God’s child, that’s about all she can take!

But when a shelf full of pregnancy tests come up positive, Ally is both overwhelmed and confused, and definitely in the mood for some answers from a not-too-forthcoming Gabby. And how is she going to break this news to her family, her boyfriend, and better yet, the world?

She doesn’t have to worry for long, once her nosy neighbor overhears her conversation with her boyfriend and alerts the media. Now, with a gaggle of reporters in a frenzy over this revelation, her ex-husband and his aerobics-babe bride file for custody of the kids, Ally’s position at the law firm is jeopardized and her new relationship seems headed for the rocks.

But on Christmas Eve, with the wisdom of a no-nonsense judge, and a touch of hilariously divine intervention, Ally and those who love her must come to realize the significance of the event at hand, whether they believe she’s giving birth to a heavenly child or not. And with the first cries of the beautiful baby, no one can deny this tiny miracle a special place in Ally’s world.