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[19 Nov 1997 | No Comment | ]

TVGEN: Welcome! Brett Cullen, star of UPN’s new drama series Legacy, will be chatting live with us tonight. Hello, Brett. Glad you could join us this evening.
Brett Cullen: I’d just like to say hi to everyone and hope that they’re enjoying Legacy. I hope they’re enjoying watching it as much as we enjoy making it.
Cardinalseven: Hey Brett. What’s up?
Cullen: I’m about 6’2″.
hypergirl98_98_98: How old are you?
Cullen: Old enough to play the father of these kids!
Cardinalseven: Tell us about your show.
Cullen: It’s a period drama in 1881. The story of a …

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[15 Apr 1997 | No Comment | ]

Patrizia DiLucchio (PD), PEOPLE Online: Sunday night, the Home Box Office (HBO) will debut the first two episodes of Tom Hanks’ “From The Earth To The Moon” (E2M). E2M follows the voyages of America’s Apollo astronauts and the 12 manned Apollo missions.
The National Space Society working with PEOPLE Online and LIFE have brought together the astronauts, actors, flight directors, and film directors for a series of live webchats.
Joining us tonight are…
Actor Tim Daly who plays astronaut James Lovell in E2M. Tim is also known for his role as Joe Hackett …

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[1 Apr 1997 | No Comment | ]

PEOPLE Online: Welcome to the People Auditorium this evening. We’re on our fifth online discussion about the space program and the HBO series From the Earth to the Moon. Tomorrow night’s episodes cover the flights of Apollo 14 and 15. And we’re very privileged to have our four guests tonight. They are: David Scott, veteran of 3 spaceflights, including commander of Apollo 15. Actor Brett Cullen, who portrays Scott in the series. Dr. Lee Silver, who trained the Apollo 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 crews in field geology. And …