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Ask Brett: Set 13

27 March 2010 2 Comments

Question: Hi Brett: Are you an NFL fan and please, please don’t tell me, just because you were born “deep in the heart of,” LOL, that you are a Cowboy fan. And someone asked you what color your eyes were. Now I am going to ask you how tall you are.

Brett: Hi Shirley, I used to be a Houston Oiler fan but alas they are now in Tennessee. I’m really pulling for Dan Marino and the Dolphins because I know Dan a little and he’s a great guy and one of the great quarterbacks in the NFL. I think he deserves a ring, so I’m pulling for him. As for my height I’m just a little over 6 ft. 2 inches tall. Thanks for your kind words Shirley and God Bless!

Question: What type of preparation did you do for The Killing Jar hypnosis scenes? I mean did you actually undergo hypnosis to see what it would be like or were you allowed to watch someone else undergo hypnosis or did you read about it, or what? Thank you, Anne Phillips

Brett: Hi Anne, The work I did in preparing for the hypnotism scenes was to meet with a therapist and talk to her about the techniques used by a hypnotist and what did the patient look like and behave like. What did the eyes do, the mouth and the rest was really just finding the right emotional context for those particular moments. Thanks for writing!

Question: Are you going to be doing any more TV movies in the near future? A Loyal Fan, Shelby

Brett: Hi Shelby, Right now I’m not booked on anything besides this movie I’m doing right now but you never know what will happen in the future!

Question: Hi Brett – Did you enjoy the electronic Birthday Card from your fans? We enjoyed helping Mare and Ramona make it for you. Anyway, just wanted your reaction. We’re going to Virginia next weekend to do some wine tasting. Did you get to any of the vineyards when you were in Richmond? Take care, Christy Moheiser

Brett: Hi Christy, Yes, I was very touched by the b’day card that y’all put together for me. I’m sorry, I should of thanked everyone personally but because I’m here in Baltimore I let my manners slip some. So thank you very much and have fun in Virginia.

Question: Just how did you meet Meat Loaf, anyway?

Brett: I initially met Meat at a Barbque in Santa Monica right before he started his Bat Out Of Hell 2. We became fast friends very shortly after that.

Question: How did your surfing scene in “Danielle Steel’s Family Album” come about?

Brett: The director of Family Album was a friend and he knew I surfed and just by chance because we were shooting at Pt. Dume, I brought one of my surfboards with me to work. Unfortunately, the waves were miniscule so not so much fun…had it been bigger I would of really enjoyed it!

Question: I remember being very disappointed when I saw “Courage Under Fire” because you had a bigger part in the trailers than in the theatrical release. Could you flesh out your character a bit? What did we miss seeing? Sandra

Brett: Hi Sandra, I played Colonel Teagarden, who was Meg’s character’s commanding officer and I basically laid out who her character was to Denzel. It was disappointing that it didn’t make the final cut but I had two big scenes with Denzel and was quite proud of that work. Unfortunately the info was a little redundant and slowed down the first act and Ed Zwick called me and told me what was going to happen and I asked him to take my name out of the opening credits because the little I had left in the movie didn’t merit 5th billing. I have no bad feelings about it and truly loved working with Ed and hope to again. We had previously worked on “Leaving Normal” together. He’s a great guy and a great director!


  • Mark Goldberg said:

    I grew up on Hazelton Street, close to where you used to live. As I recall, you were a pretty good baseball pitcher in our Little League. Did you ever purusue playing baseball and have you ever played a pitcher as an actor?


  • sharon williams said:

    Hi Brett. I just found out you’re from Houston. I grew up in LaMarque, Texas. Just wanted to say it’s great to see a home town boy make good. I really enjoy your work. Wish you hadn’t left Person of Interest, my new favorite show. Keep up the good work.

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