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Ask Brett: Set 09

27 March 2010 No Comment

Question: Brett, I heard that you were featured in one of Meat Loaf’s videos. If so, which one?

Brett: The video I did was called “I’d Lie For You and That’s the Truth.” I actually did another…the remake for the video “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights.”

Question: Dear Brett: If you were asked to do Legacy again, would you? I hope so, you are a great actor and I love to watch you as Ned Logan. If my husband and I have another child, I’ve talked him into naming it Logan, after Ned Logan. Thanks for your great web site!

Brett: Yes absolutely! And I’m flattered that you would consider naming your next child after Ned Logan!

Question: Happy 4th, Brett – I want to know if you are using the writer from Legacy for the Medicine Talk script? Also is it possible to buy stock in Yellow Rose, Inc.? Curious to see if JQ Public could help? Can’t wait for July 9th and the next four Legacy shows.

Brett: No, I’m not using the writer for Legacy because I had already hired this wonderful writer, Mark Spragg. And I had been working with Mark prior to having worked with Chris and I certainly hope to work with Chris Abbott in the future. I love her, she’s wonderful. And thanks for the interest in Yellow Rose Inc. However, it is not publicly owned…it’s a privately owned company that Meat and I have started and if we do go public I’ll let you know!

Question: Hey Brett! What is your favorite pizza topping?

Brett: Pepperoni!

Question: Hi Brett: What’s the biggest wave you’ve surfed? And where?

Brett: Sandy, the biggest wave I’ve surfed was in Puerto Escondido. The waves were probably about 18 foot to 20 foot. And that was from the back of the wave!

Question: With the millenium approaching, I was wondering if you’ve made plans already on where to be on New Year’s Eve…are you doing anything cool?

Brett: My wife and I have talked about Paris, New York, Vancouver or possibly LA. Probably LA, because it’s cheaper!

Question: Brett, what kind of music do you like to listen to? Since you’re from Texas, do you like Country music? Or rock and roll? What groups do you like?

Brett: I was raised on rock and roll, and grew to really love Country music. But in a progressive way…like Lyle Lovett. I like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, New Radicals…I like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Meat Loaf (!), Eric Clapton. I love the blues and I love some country music, but the blues or blues rock is really my favorite.

Question: Brett, I just read in the TV Guide today that ER is looking to add several actors to the lineup to replace the sizzle factor that seems to be missing since George Clooney left. Would you be interested in a role on that show? I would love to see you every week on ER!

Brett: I would love to be on ER. I think it’s a well-written and well-acted show. And what actor doesn’t want to work every week? LOL

Question: Hey Brett, How’s it going? Um…I really don’t know anything about you, but I still have a question. I was wondering if you have a niece named Heather Holloway? She’s one of my good friends and she said that you guys are related. Just wondering.

Brett: Yes, Heather is my sister’s daughter. My lovely nieceā€¦and be nice to her because I’m really fond of her!

Question: Mr. Cullen: I’m sorry to say that I only discovered your work when I began watching “Legacy.” Thank you for bringing a sense of dignity and strength to a character that could’ve easily been full of self-pity and loathing. My question is this, with the recent boom in TV series released on home video, do you know if Atlantis plans to release any of the episodes of “Legacy” on video for the fans to purchase?

Brett: Yes, they are absolutely, positively going to release them on video.

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