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Ask Brett: Set 07

27 March 2010 No Comment

Question: Hi Brett. I was wondering — is there anything that gives you the willies? Like snakes or spiders? Or high places? Things like that? Just curious. Looking forward to your next movie! Fay

Brett: Hi Fay, Sometimes extreme heights can give me the willys!

Question: Brett, if the SAG strike should happen, have you thought about coming to New York to do some theatre? Maria

Brett: I would love to go to New York and work in the theater! I don’t think SAG will strike though.

Question: Mr. Cullen, In Apollo 13, was any part of the movie actually shot in Houston, Texas? I’m from that area in Texas (Beaumont) and I was wondering. Have a nice day, Ashley

Brett: Hi Ashley, The only part of the movie they shot in Texas was in the Vomit Comet for the space sequences.

Question: Mr. Cullen, I’m a BIG fan of “Once & Again,” and I just read that you will appear in some episodes as Karen’s love interest. Please tell us how you were selected for the part. Karen

Brett: Hi Karen, I had worked twice with Ed Zwick on two other films and had read for another part on “Once and Again.” When Robert Dumanjik came up, they were kind enough to offer me the part, which I jumped at!

Question: Brett, your performance in the two episodes of “Once and Again” aired recently was really great! Two lines in particular though immediately bumped your character of DA Bob to my all time favorites. Those two lines were: “Do you serve coffee?” and “Is there anything weird in it?” 🙂 So I guess my question is, how much do those two lines reflect your coffee drinking habits and who you are in real life? 🙂 Jeremiah

Brett: Hi Jeremiah, I do drink coffee with cream and sugar and the only other coffee drink I like is a cappuccino. I like Robert Dumanjik’s sense of humor and I do share that with him. LOL.

Question: Hi Brett. Just wondering the status on your Yellow Rose productions. Was really looking forward to the movie about your father. Loved you in “Once and Again!” Bess

Brett: Hi Bess, My partner and I are still trying to get a film off the ground which isn’t as easy as it may seem. But we are VERY hopeful that we will!

Question: Hi Brett. Loved you on “Once and Again.” Seeing you on my favorite show made me want to know more about you and I found your site. I like the DA so much I want to see him next season. I know your site states you are only on for those two episodes but is there a chance you could return next season if the show is picked up? Great work, and I look forward to seeing you in more shows! Missy

Brett: Hi Missy, I thank you for writing. I’m hopeful that Bob Dumanjik will come back this season and I feel there is a very good chance you might see him again! All the Best!

Question: Brett, I would like to know the most exciting place you have ever surfed and if there is the “ultimate” place to surf where you have not been yet. Thanks, Dana

Brett: Hi Dana, I would have to say Puerto Escondido in Mexico, a spot that will remain nameless in Kauai, and an island off the coast of Baja California that is an ecological reserve. I’ve yet had the chance to surf Fiji or Bali and I would love to check out Indonesia! Aloha!

Question: Hi Brett, What was the reason you left the TV show “Falcon Crest” at the end of season seven? Was that your wish or did the producers wanted you to go, like Ana-Alicia? And what about your feelings when you look back? Did you like that show or was it fun to work with all the people like Wyman, Selby, Alicia, Lamas? I really enjoy your work and your acting in your movies and shows and I hope you have the opportunity to act for many, many years. Lots of greetings. Marc Bradley

Brett: Hi Marc, I left after the 7th season because I wanted to do something else with my career! It was a pleasure to work with that cast but I was ready to move on.

Question: Brett, how did you feel about your “On Golden Pond” performance? How did it feel to perform live for an audience that big? Jim

Brett: Hi Jim, I loved the experience and was very pleased with the production! It was a true joy to work with that cast and would jump at the chance to do it again!

Question: Brett, loved you in “On Golden Pond.” Was wondering, since it was live and you didn’t get second takes, did you or any of the other actors mess up? I thought it was wonderful, but I’m curious to know if there were any “uh-oh” moments. Ross

Brett: LOL..No Ross there were no UH OH moments! It went off without a glitch in the acting arena..I think there were a couple of camera shots that weren’t planned! LOL…Good question!

Question: Hi Brett, I just finished watching “The Replacements” for the second time and as I was reading the credits, it dawned on me that you may be related to Bill Cullen, the game show host. I went online to find out and came upon your website. Since Bill Cullen is the only other TV personality I could think of with the same last name, I was wondering if you are related. Sincerely, Wanda Lomprey

Brett: Hi Wanda, No I’m not related as far as I know!

Question: Dear Brett, Is “College” an independent film that’s a feature that will be shown in theatres, or is it an independent film that will be shown as a movie of the week? Thanks, Pam

Brett: Hi Pam, “College” is an independent feature that will be shown in the movie theatres.

Question: Hi Brett, I enjoyed your work this past season on “Once and Again” very much. Are there any plans to continue your role this upcoming season? Having worked as a law clerk in our D.A.’s office I found your portrayal of the D.A. to be exactly right on. Quite interesting. Thank you for your excellent work. Rosie George

Brett: Hi Rosie, We are keeping our fingers crossed that I’ll come back! All I know at this point is there is some interest in bringing me back…So keep your fingers crossed..LOL..

Question: Hi Brett: I know you are married, but I was wondering if you could tell me what traits you find attractive in a woman? And also, do you like an athletic woman or someone who’s a little more girly? Carla

Brett: Hi Carla, I am married but when I was dating in my youth…LOL…I didn’t care either way what a girl was into..athletics or dolls. I just think women are great in all forms!

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