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V (1985)

Character Name: Robert

Brett guest starred in “The Littlest Dragon,” an episode that aired on February 22, 1985.

Using information obtained from Robert (Brett Cullen), a Fifth Columnist, Willie leads Mike and Kyle to the co-ordinates of the Mentamorph, a Visitor device which uses mind control to destroy the will to fight. Unbeknownst to them, the trio are being tracked and watched by Diana aboard the Mothership. Once Robert realizes that the amorph was a trap for the Resistance, he quickly leaves the bridge. Philip and Lydia are initially upset that they were not informed of Diana’s plot. While Philip is sickened by Diana’s taste for killing others, he admits that he looks forward to Donovan’s death, believing that Mike was responsible for Martin’s death.

On the street below, Willie, Mike, and Kyle are spotted by a Visitor patrol jeep. Throwing a couple of grenades, they destroy the jeep and its passengers. A little further ahead they spot the Mentamorph, and move forward to destroy it.

On board the Mothership, Robert heads to the weapons centre, where he knocks out the guard and triggers some controls. Opening a panel, he takes out three large white borellium crystals, then heads to his cabin.

Mike begins to have doubts on the ease of their approach, and at that moment the Mentamorph begins pulsing with light. It explodes, and Willie realizes that it was a fake. The trio quickly leave. Diana, meanwhile, is furious that her explosives went off too early, and orders the Mothership lasers set on a five block radius to destroy the Resistance leaders. However, Robert had managed to sabotage the lasers, and the ship is unable to fire. Diana and Philip decide to investigate.

Robert gets his pregnant wife, Glenda, and leads her to the shuttle bay with a few of their belongings. Philip and Diana trail them to the shuttle bay, unable to shoot because they may damage the crystals which are needed for the Motherships lasers to fire. Philip orders all skyfighters recalled to protect the Mothership. He decides to follow the shuttle (which is equipped with a homing device), while Diana offers to provide a suitable escort/guard for Philip.

Mike and the others make it to an abandoned warehouse after a chase through the city streets. Once inside, Willie apologizes for the situation, believing that it was his fault. Despite Mike and Kyle’s reassurances to the contrary, Willie still feels alone and cast out. He wishes for Elizabeth, knowing she would understand him better, and is reminded that both she and Juliet are at a scientific research station in the north.

Diana and Philip arrive in the Mothership gymnasium in time to see Angela disable a larger Visitor attacker. Philip stops her from continuing the fight when her opponent is down, and fights her again, showing his skills as a combat master. Philip agrees to accept Angela as his escort. When Philip leaves, Angela reveals to Diana that Philip was her combat trainer at the academy. When Angela killed a cadet during training, Philip had her retired, so that she can never be an officer. She hates Philip for this. Diana invites Angela to her cabin to discuss the situation. Once there, she offers Angela a battlefield commission, if Angela were to kill Philip and put the blame on Mike Donovan.

Walking outside the warehouse, Kyle and Mike discuss ways to ease Willie’s anguish. While they are talking, they see a damaged shuttle coming in for a crash landing. They head to the site, to discover Robert and Glenda emerging from the vehicle. Robert identifies himself and informs them that he set Diana’s explosives as soon as he realized that she had set up a trap for the Resistance. Kyle and Mike agree to take Robert and Glenda to the warehouse.

Philip and Angela, along with some shock troopers, arrive at the crash site. Using some infra glasses, Philip is able to track Robert’s footprints on the concrete, and they begin following. Angela uses the time to reveal to Philip the rumours of Martin’s involvement in the Fifth Column, which Philip refuses to believe. Angela reveals also that her people were wiped out by the Visitors as a child, and that it was Philip who saved her and placed her in the Academy.

At the warehouse, Robert realizes that Glenda is about to give birth. They tell Willie that their child will need a ‘wantu’ — similar to a Godfather or role model. Willie suggests Mike, but Robert and Glenda tell him that they want Willie to be their wantu. Willie is thrilled. While Kyle stands watch at the warehouse receiving doors, Mike helps to deliver Glenda’s . . . egg. Stunned, he follows Willie’s instructions and takes the egg to a nearby table, where he and Willie help the shell to break. The child is born, and Kyle returns to the group to toast the occasion with some canteen water.

Aboard the Mothership, Diana calls Lydia to her cabin and plants the idea of Philip’s death in her head. Entranced by the idea, Lydia orders Diana to have it done, not knowing that Diana has made a tape of Lydia’s command.

When Kyle heads back to the loading doors, he sees Philip and his troops arrive. He calls Mike, who believes he is seeing Martin. Mike takes a step outside, only to have Philip fire at him. Robert attempts to go out with the crystals, believing that this is all Philip wants, but Mike refuses to let him go. Robert informs Mike and Kyle of Philip’s identity. Just then, Philip shouts out to Mike that he is there to kill Mike for killing his brother. Since there is no other exit from the warehouse, Willie takes Glenda and her baby son to the back room and attempts to make them comfortable. Realizing that the baby is hungry, Willie searches for and finds a mouse to feed to the child. The Visitors and Resistance continue to exchange gunfire.

Lydia, meanwhile, checks in on Diana, who assures her that Angela requested the mission and the Lydia’s orders to kill Philip are being carried out. Angela orders some laser jeeps to the warehouse, but Philip refuses to let them fire because they could destroy the crystals, and because he says he wants to kill Mike with his bare hands. Philip is consistently appalled by Angela’s thirst for killing.

Robert panics, thinking that his child is going to be killed, and runs out to surrender with the ystals. Angela shoots him in the arm before Philip angrily stops her. He watches in bewilderment as Mike risks his life to drag Robert to safety. Robert drops the crystals in his fall, and Philip runs out to retrieve them. He orders Angela to prepare for an attack, but orders her and the troops not to harm the child.

Willie remains in the back room with Glenda and the baby, who is fearful for her child’s future. Willie attempts to explain ‘faith’ to Glenda, and they discuss their hopes for the future.

The Visitors mount their attack, and one trooper almost makes it into the warehouse. Mike and Kyle return fire, and Kyle is shot in the shoulder and knocked backwards. As he struggles to maintain his footing, he is shot again in the leg. Mike finally manages to kill the Visitors attacking Kyle, and drags Kyle back into safety. Mike kills the trooper at one laser jeep, but another arrives.

The shooting briefly stops as both sides regroup. Angela tries to tempt Philip into killing Donovan, but Philip is getting more and more disgusted with Angela’s lust for blood. Philip instead offers Mike a deal: unarmed combat between the two of them. Mike insists that Diana killed Martin, but Philip does not believe it. Mike agrees to the combat, as long as everyone in the warehouse gets to go free if he wins. Philip agrees, and orders Angela to obey his order if he is killed.

Mike and Philip begin their combat, during which Mike tries to convince Philip that Martin was his friend. Philip grabs a pipe, but Mike manages to get it away from him and hits Philip several times, knocking him to the concrete. He has Philip at a disadvantage, but refuses to kill him, and instead helps him up. Angela then pulls her weapon and reveals Diana’s plan, Diana’s role in Martin’s death, as well as her own hopes for revenge against Philip for the destruction of her people. Philip asks for Mike’s forgiveness. As Angela is about to pull the trigger on them both, she is downed by a shot from behind her. Glenda has emerged from the warehouse to protect her child. Mike and Philip shake hands, and Philip destroys the borellium crystals.

In the back of the warehouse, Robert and Glenda wait for Philip’s shuttle which is going to take them to a South Pacific island away from Diana’s revenge. Willie prepares a bath of motor oil and rock salt for the baby, while Robert thanks Mike and Kyle (whose wounds are bandaged and who appears to be recovering) for everything they have done.

Aboard the Mothership, Diana and Lydia wait for Philip’s shuttle to arrive, which they assume will be carrying Philip’s body and Angela. Diana has Lydia arrested, and plays the tape she had made of Lydia ordering the assassination of Philip. Both are shocked to see Philip walking calmly across the shuttle bay. He reveals that Angela had died when she got in the way of his shot at Donovan, and announces that he will be staying around.