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The Sitter (1991)

Character Name: Jeff

After a slow start, this remake of 1952’s “Don’t Bother to Knock”, shifts into high gear due mostly to a strong but subtle performance by Kim Myers as the mentally disturbed babysitter.

The story takes place entirely in a hotel where Mr. & Mrs. Jones, in town for a convention, discover that they need to find a last minute babysitter for their obnoxious 5 year old daughter, Melissa (Kimberly Cullum). The hotel’s elevator operator (Eugene Roche) volunteers his niece Nell (Kim Myers). He neglects to mention to the couple that she’s not exactly firing on all thrusters.

Nell wants to live in her perfect world where she has her prince charming and all the trappings. Unfortunately, this fantasy has taken over reality in her rapidly deteriorating mind. With Melissa in tow, Nell begins her downwards spiral towards insanity.

Enter a prince charming by the name of Jeff (Brett Cullen). He’s an insurance salesman who sees in Nell a perfect opportunity for a one night stand. It isn’t long before he realizes what a loony she is and beats a hasty retreat. Only his concern for the safety of the little girl sends him in search of Nell before she goes completely berserk.

It’s too late for that but Jeff manages to rescue the child but not without paying a heavy price. It’s a sure bet he’ll think twice before picking up some strange woman in a hotel bar!

The Sitter is based on the novel Mischief by Charlotte Armstrong.

(Review courtesy of Sandra Nitchman)