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The Simple Life (1998)

Character Name: Luke Barton

Judith Light plays a Martha Stewart-ish TV domestic expert, Sara Campbell, who decides to trade in the bright lights, big city for rural tranquillity. So, she moves her home and her television production from Manhattan to the wilds of upstate New York and tries to grow accustomed to the slow-moving pace of life in the country. She buys a farm, builds birdhouses for her crew and trades one-liners with her mother.

Brett Cullen plays her cattle-raising neighbor Luce Barton, who eventually develops into Sara’s country romance. Sara’s mother has the hots for Lucas and lives to see him “chopping wood in a Speedo.” A light-hearted comedy, “The Simple Life” provides Cullen a chance to perfect some deadpan looks and fire off some decent one-liners. “The Simple Life” was released in June 1998 on CBS and was filmed in Los Angeles, California. Only seven episodes aired.