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The Expendables (2000)

Character Name: Colonel Finley Deacon

Colonel Finley Deacon (Brett Cullen), a high ranking army colonel on the verge of early retirement, has big plans for taking his pension fund and moving to land he purchased in northern Wyoming. He plans to live a simple, peaceful, solitary life, raising cattle and enjoying his new surroundings.

Unfortunately the U.S. Army has one last mission for him to accomplish before he can live out this dream — and they won’t take “no” for an answer!

Deacon is assigned to a covert rescue mission in Cuba, where the official advisor to the President of Latin America has been captured and thrown in jail after being caught on an undercover assignment in which he was attempting to supply weapons to anti-Castro revolutionaries.

Although the CIA wants to cover up the entire fiasco by simply sending someone to terminate the advisor, the Office of the President has demanded that a rescue mission be implemented. The problem is that Colonel Deacon cannot use the regular U.S. Army to assist him on this mission, because it is highly sensitive and extremely dangerous. Instead, he must use civilian convicts whom the government deems “expendable.” The assignment goes from bad to worse when Colonel Deacon is told that these convicts must be women, because the agent in question is female and being held in a women’s prison.

With the threat of dishonorable discharge lingering over his head, Colonel Deacon heads to the Federal Penitentiary for Women in Macon, Georgia, where he must choose six violent felons who have no chance of ever being paroled to accompany him on the mission. Colonel Deacon explains to the inmates that in return for successfully completing the mission, they will be granted their freedom — the only catch is that there is only a fifty/fifty chance of survival. Armed with this knowledge, the female felons Robin Givens, Tempestt Bledsoe, Idalis de Leon, Jenica Bergere, Christi Conaway, and Jennifer Blanc agree that it’s a chance worth taking.

The inmates are taken to a remote army base where they undergo ten days of extensive “bootcamp” style training to prepare for the operation. But after their training is completed, the women are told they are unfit for combat and ordered to return to prison. Having smelled the sweet scent of freedom, there is no going back to a cell for these women, so they plan an intricate getaway. However, it only gets them as far as the outer barracks of the base. Certain of their impending return to prison, the inmates are shocked when they are told that the termination of their mission was just a test to assess their combat readiness — a test which they passed with flying colors. The mission is on!

A small fishing boat successfully transports Colonel Deacon and the inmates into Cuba. Upon arrival, most of the women disguise themselves as Cuban prostitutes, while Colonel Deacon and one of the convicts disguise themselves as Cuban police officers who have arrested them. Using this ruse, they must attempt to obtain direct access to the women’s prison where the American advisor is being held, and, against all odds, locate her and figure out a way to successfully extricate her – and themselves – from the prison and the island. Along the way, they must find a way to outwit the prison guards, the Cuban authorities – and an unknown traitor in their midst.