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Single Bars, Single Women (1984)

Character Name: Duane Spencer

Single Bars, Single Women is a movie about women trying to find love in all the wrong places, namely, a bar named Bandini’s.

Starring Mare Winningham, Shelley Hack, Tony Danza and Paul Michael Glaser, it’s a story about people in the throes of loneliness and desperation…some are looking for a good time, others are looking for something more.

Brett Cullen appears in the first ten minutes only of the film as Duane Spencer, a guy that picks Frankie (Shelley Hack), up at the bar and goes home with her, only to leave in the middle of the night. He gets “depressed” afterward, he explains.

Filled with 80s music and a wardrobe of “Members Only” jackets, Single Bars, Single Women will strike a chord in anyone that’s ever gone out hoping to find Mr. Right.