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Once and Again (2001)

Character Name: Robert Dumanjik

Brett appears in the episodes “Armegeddon – Part One” and “Won’t Someone Please Help George Bailey Tonight.” He plays the role of Robert, an Assistant District Attorney, who falls in love with Karen, Rick’s ex-wife. Brett filmed the two episodes in March and they will air Wednesday April 11th and 18th at 10:00 p.m. EST.

In “Armageddon Part One,” Brett hopes to gain information on the Atlantor project from Karen. He is obviously attracted to her from the moment he met her and is nervous and fidgety around her. In his office, he tells her why he needs her help and then later stops by her office, explaining he was in the “neighborhood” picking up some basketball uniforms. She asks if they are for his son and he responds, “No, I’m not of the parental persuasion.”

He asks her some questions about the Atlantor project and then hints that someone at Atlantor paid off a judge. Before he leaves, he shakes her hand and they both look with surprise at the electricity of the touch.

In court in front of a Grand Jury, he drills Rick about problems with Atlantor and Rick squirms uncomfortably. Something Robert says clues Rick in to the fact that Karen has given information to the DA.

When Karen arrives in Robert’s office at the end of the episode, she has the files he wants in hand. In trying to convince her she should help him, he confesses to her how much he likes her. However, she is reluctant to hand them over unless he promises her he won’t indict Rick. Robert can’t make that promise. “That’s up to the 16 people in that room.” He explains why he can’t promise her something like that and then tells her, “I would completely understand if you were to take those and walk out right now.”

Karen dumps the files on his desk after a few minutes of thought and Robert stares after her.

In “Won’t Someone Please Help George Bailey Tonight?” Robert calls Karen to his office and tells her that Rick is not going to be indicted. He tells her he’s happy to see her again and you can tell he wants to say more, but doesn’t.

Later he runs into her at the coffee shop, buys her coffee, and makes sure she knows he will be at an awards banquet that she usually goes to every year.

At the banquet he sees her and, while introducing the keynote speaker, looks directly at Karen while talking about courage. Robert heeds his own advice when he later pulls Karen into his arms and kisses her. She doesn’t know how to react and pulls away.

Later, in a park outside the courthouse, they meet and Karen tells her she thinks they should not attempt a relationship. He sits her down and tells her she’s the most beautiful, smartest, sexiest and intense woman he’s ever encountered. He kisses her lightly on the lips and gets up and walks away. But a few steps later, he turns on his heels, leans down and kisses her, while pulling her up into his arms. Then he leaves her to contemplate what she’s thrown away.