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N.T. S. B. (2002)

Character Name: Hub Weber

Brett plays “Hub” Weber, antagonist and owner of an airline that has recently had a major crash. This is a made-for-TV movie that is set to be a mid-season replacement.

Hub refuses to release the information that the NTSB wants. He’s protecting his new plane and his company. “He’s not very nice,” Brett said. Brett filmed for two weeks in Vancouver and goes back for another week of filming in June.

“N.T. S. B.: The Crash of Flight 323,” a riveting drama detailing the fictional account of a National Transportation and Safety Board (N.T.S.B.) team investigating the crash of a commuter plane in the Colorado mountains, premieres as an “ABC Thursday Night at the Movies” presentation FEBRUARY 6 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. Emmy Award-winner Mandy Patinkin (TV’s “Chicago Hope,” “Yentl,” “The Princess Bride”) and Kevin Dunn (ABC’s “The Beach Boys: An American Family,” “Bette”) star.

When Commonwealth Airlines Flight 323 takes off from Burbank and crashes in the Colorado mountains, a team of investigators from the National Transportation and Safety Board rushes to the scene. Veteran pilot, aeronautical engineer and N.T.S.B. investigator Al Cummings (Patinkin), his boss, Reese Faulkner (Ted McGinley, TV’s “Married . . . with Children”), and N’Tom (Eric Close, TV’s “Taken”) must determine what went wrong. Was it mechanical failure, pilot error or an act of terrorism? The team must comb through the wreckage to make sense of the tragedy, putting the pieces together, often at the expense of their own families and personal lives. And they face a horde of reporters and grieving relatives who are all desperately seeking their own answers.

In flashbacks, the victims of the crash – both flight crew and passengers — are seen as they make their way to the fateful flight. The plane’s pilot survived the crash but lies near death. He is an old friend of Cummings, and now Cummings must assess how his feelings for the man might interfere with the investigation.

“N.T. S. B.: The Crash of Flight 323” stars Mandy Patinkin as Al Cummings, Ted McGinley as Reese Faulkner, Eric Close as N’Tom, Kevin Dunn as Dr. Cyrus Lebow, Tyra Ferrell as Jessamyn, Jeffrey D. Sams as “JLP” John Pierce, Francie Swift as Patty Tacone, Gigi Rice as Annie, Brian Markinson as Mr. McGregor, Brett Cullen as Hub Weber, Richard Riehle as Ernie, Isabella Hofmann as Anita and Adam Tsou as Peter Paul.

The telefilm was directed by Jeff Bleckner (ABC’s “Meredith Willson’s The Music Man”) and written by Bill Cain (ABC’s “Sounder”). The film is a production of Omnibus, Inc. and Touchstone Television.

This program carries a TV-PG,V parental guideline. Working titles have been “Running Towards the Flame” and “Everything that Rises.”