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Mother of the Bride (1993)

Character Name: Dennis Becker

Rue McClanahan stars as the mother of the bride, as well as the mother of two other sons and one other single daughter, who all join together to plan a wedding.

In the middle of planning the perfect, but affordable, wedding, the soon-to-be-bride’s long lost father shows up, wanting to make up for lost years (he walked out on the family when the children were small).

Dear old dad has apparently had some luck with his investments, and he begins to influence the wedding plans with his thick wallet. His daughter forgives and forgets his past transgressions and even invites him to walk her down the aisle.

The oldest son, played by Brett Cullen, is not so quick to forgive. He does not welcome his father back with open arms and almost gets into a fist fight with him at the bachelor party.

Kristy McNichol does a nice job of playing the daughter who is afraid to get too close to anyone, but ends up falling in love with an unlikely suitor anyway.

A twist toward the end of the movie pulls the siblings together for the final preparation of the wedding and reminds everyone about the real meaning of the word “commitment.”