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M*A*S*H (1982)

Character Name: Thomas Anthony McCeggney

“Blood and Guts” aired on January 18, 1982 and was written by Lee H. Grant and directed by Charles S. Dubin.

Clayton Kibbee, a famous war correspondent, came to the 4077 with six pints of blood donated from his loyal readers. He wanted to do an on-the-spot follow up story of what happened to the those six pints of blood.

The first pint went to save the life of a G.I., Thomas McCeggney (Brett Cullen) who was taking a wild spin on a motorcycle.

However, since the G.I.’s injuries were not technically war-related, Kibbee decided to stretch the truth and instead reported that the soldier had been hit by enemy fire, causing him to wreck the motorcycle.

This did not set well with Hawkeye, who overheard Kibbee phoning in his story to his column back in the states.

Cullen looks every bit a freshly-scrubbed, wide-eyed boy from Texas, complete with the line, “Shoot, I know you!” that shows off his real Texas drawl.