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Legacy (1998)

Character Name: Ned Logan

Set in the rolling bluegrass hills of 1880s Lexington, Kentucky, this sprawling family drama focuses on the Logans, an Irish-American family who raises thoroughbred race horses for the Kentucky Derby. Led by Ned, a widower and a patient father with firm family beliefs, the family includes Sean, the eldest son, struggling to become his own man and who harbors a secret love that could ruin everyone he loves; Clay, the kind, youngest son with a hot temper; Alice, the proper and strong-willed oldest daugther; Lexy, the spirited youngest Logan; and Jeremy, the street-smart 17-year-old orphan who joins the family.

Featuring beautiful scenery, spirited horses and a family with a heart, “Legacy” is a drama for the whole family. Wonderfully written and superbly acted, “Legacy” captures the spirit of a century that saw the country torn apart by civil war. The costumes, the etiquette, and the people of the 1880s come alive like a multimedia American History book.

Creator and Executive Producer:
Chris Abbott

Ned Logan … Brett Cullen
Sean Logan … Grayson McCouch
Clay Logan … Jeremy Garrett
Jeremy Bradford … Ron Melendez
Alice Logan … Lea Moreno
Lexy Logan … Sarah Rayne
Marita Peters … Sharon Leal
Isaac Peters … Steven Williams
Vivian Winters … Lisa Sheridan
William Winters … Sean Bridgers
John Turner … Casey Biggs

Title Music:
“The Mummers’ Dance”
Performed by Loreena McKennitt

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