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Keys (1995)

Character Name: Sam Wasser

Maureen “Kick” Kickasola (Marg Helgenberger) was a forensic pathologist — a damn good one, too. But now she hides on some remote Florida key, haunted by painful memories of her missing son, running a helicopter business to keep herself occupied.

Against her better judgment, Kick is dragged back into her work by her mentor, Dr. C. J. Halligan (Ralph Waite) who won’t let her waste her talent. Kick enlists the help of Loot, her now and then lover, whose questionable past comes in handy in their gritty, dangerous work. She also spars with Police Chief Sam Wasser (Brett Cullen), an intriguing, no-nonsense cop who gains her weary respect — and maybe more.

Even as Kick wonders each step of the way why she’s letting herself get involved in this work again, somewhere in the back of her mind she knows there will be a clue that will lead to her son, and offer some peace at last.

Brett Cullen has stated that he would enjoy playing the character of Sam Wasser again.