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Wyatt Earp (1994)

Character Name: Saddle Tramp

This three hour and nine minute long, self-proclaimed dark western creates an expansive portrait of western legend Wyatt Earp.

It features Kevin Costner in the title role and is notable for it’s beautiful photography and factual details.

It chronicles Earp’s life, including his childhood on the family farm, his first shooting, the marriage and subsequent death of his wife, his bout with alcoholism and crime, his father’s assistance in pulling him out, his stint as a buffalo hunter, his fateful career as a Wichita lawman and the shoot out at O.K. Corral.

The film also explores the effects these events, particularly the early ones, had on shaping Earp’s cool and distant demeanor. — Sandra Brennan, from the allmovie web site.

Brett Cullen appears as a man who calls Wyatt Earp out to avenge the life of his cousin, whom Earp shot dead in Dodge City. Brett’s scene is with Dennis Quaid and Kevin Costner.