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Ask Brett: Set 20

27 March 2010 2 Comments

Question: I was wondering if you were making any more TV movies in the near future? I enjoy watching you in Westerns. Could there be a chance of one? Sandra

Brett: Dear Sandra: Yes, I’m sure I’ll do some more TV movies in the future but right now I have nothing to tell you to watch out for. I’m looking for a good western right now but they are awfully hard to get the networks or the studios to make them because for some reason they don’t believe they’ll make any money. Take care, Brett

Question: Brett, I have one question to ask you. What do you do when you go to public places and fans recognize you? I mean, if you and your family go out for dinner, how do you avoid fans coming up to you? Rachel

Brett: Dear Rachel: Thanks for writing and it’s an interesting question. Generally, I’m not recognized by people out in public but when it happens I tend to say hello and answer whatever questions they may have, sign an autograph and then get back to my family and our meal. If I was constantly being barraged by autograph seekers I don’t think I would go out in public so much because it’s very difficult to have a meal with family or friends while being scrutinized every single moment. But I don’t have that problem and I must say I’m relieved to retain my privacy. I must say that when I hear celebrities complain about being bothered by their public it makes me think that they should be thankful that they have a public who admires them and not be rude to them because without an audience we don’t have a job! Take care, Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett, My name is Tina. I love Legacy. It is my favorite show. I was wondering if you are still in contact with the other Legacy cast members?

Brett: Hi Tina. I’ve stayed in touch with Sarah Rayne, who played my youngest daughter, and her family. Ron Melendez and I try to get together occasionally but not enough and I see Jeremy every once in a while. I’m glad you were a fan of Legacy and thanks for writing! Happy Holidays! Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett, really enjoyed your performance in ‘From the Earth to the Moon’ as Dave Scott – had the pleasure of meeting Dave a few years ago in the UK. Pretty awesome guy – one of the true astronaut greats! What were your favorite memories of ‘From the Earth to the Moon’? All the best, Brian

Brett: Hi Brian, I had the extreme pleasure of first getting to know Dave Scott on “Apollo13” when he was Astronaut Technical Advisor on the movie and then had the honor of playing Dave in “From The Earth To The Moon.” One night after shooting a scene in Barrego Springs out in Palm Desert…having had a few cocktails…I started to explain to our waitress in a voice that was a tad bit loud, that the gentlemen talking to our producer two tables away was an American hero who had driven the Lunar Rover on the moon. Now I must explain that Dave doesn’t like the limelight and most certainly doesn’t like to draw attention to himself…that being said and picking up where I was describing Dave’s accomplishments, Dave very quietly, and without looking up at me, said out of the side of his mouth,” Shut up, Brett.” And I did because he is a true American icon who just did his job and didn’t want everyone heralding his accomplishments. Dave also invited me and my family over to watch the episode that recounted his Apollo 15 mission and it was a night I will never forget. We barbecued and then I sat next to Dave while we watched the show. After the show he turned to me and very quietly said, “Thank you.” That moment made my year and I’ll never forget it! Happy holidays! Brett Cullen

Question: After appearing on the Incredible Hulk did you ever have any other times spent with Bill Bixby? Did you enjoy working with him? Little was told about him except he was a strong personal actor. Jill in Florida

Brett: Hi Jill, I only worked with Mr. Bixby the one time but I found him to be a very interesting and giving actor. He never tried to do anything but help his fellow actors. One day I asked him if he would run the dialogue in our scene with me. He turned and looked at me with a very severe glance and said “I don’t run lines…that’s the script supervisor’s job…if you want to rehearse with me let’s do it but don’t waste my time just running lines.” I knew immediately I was working with a professional who wanted me to be as good as I could be but also someone who expected me to do my homework and be prepared! I know that I’m making him sound tough but I must add his son had just passed away a month or so before and I’m sure being on a TV set didn’t really fit into his top five priorities. He was very kind to me and gave me some very valid advice and led by example and I’ll never forget how supportive he was to me during what was probably the worst personal crisis a parent could go through.

Question: Hey Brett. Do you have Jeremy Garrett, Ron Melendez, and Grayson McCouch’s email address? And are you done with your Christmas shopping? Rachel

Brett: Hi Rachel! No, I don’t have their e-mail addresses but I do have their phone numbers. Would they get mad at me if I gave them to you? LOL…LOL…And yes, I have finished shopping! YEAH! Happy Holidays!

Question: Brett: What do you do all day if you don’t have a “regular” job? Mow the lawn, take out trash? I know actors don’t work everyday…but what do you do in between? I just can’t picture you taking out the trash….sort of like trying to picture Babs taking out the trash or mowing the lawn….nah, just can’t see that. Love ya, Rosie

Brett: Yes, Rosie, I take out the trash. I wash the dishes. I pick up my daughter at school. I take her to school and I go to the gym. I play golf. I go surfing and sometimes I just stay home and read. We actors are no different than you are and if someone believes they are better they are full of BULL! We just get paid to act and the rest of our lives are EXACTLY the same. So have a happy holidays and when you are taking out your garbage this holiday season think of me and KNOW I’m doing the same! Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett! What do you think of fan fiction (where people write stories based on characters from movies or TV shows)? I was kinda surprised to see that there’s so much of it on the Internet and actually quite a few stories based on the characters from Young Riders! Was just curious what you think about it. See ya, Bobbie

Brett: Hi Bobbie, I have no idea what fan fiction is. I’ve never read any and wasn’t aware that it was anywhere on the net…sorry! Happy Holidays! Brett Cullen

Question: Happy Holidays, Brett! I was wondering if you have any special Christmas traditions at your house? Do you celebrate on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? What did you ask Santa to bring you? J Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Marie

Brett: Hi Marie. We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day, but we also open one present on Christmas Eve! That’s about it! Happy Holidays!

Question: Dear Brett: Have you been naughty or nice this year? LOL. Your fan, Deb

Brett: What kind of question is that? Of course I’ve been nice!

Question: Dear Brett, I am curious to know please how your Yellow Rose production company projects with Meat Loaf (of whom I am also a big fan too) are coming along. Can you give an indication of when we will be able to see them? Good luck with Yellow Rose and everything else you are doing and are going to do. Thank you. Shane

Brett: Hi Shane. We are currently trying to find a director for one of the projects and the other one, called “Flamenco,” is sort of on the back burner until we attach a star to it. Thanks for asking!


  • Michelle Patrick said:

    Hello Brett,
    You know I’ve been a fan since 1980 when I met you and will always be. I am curious of how Yellow Rose Productions choose’s your projects? I’ve been working on a book, but it’s turned out to be much more and my dreams at night are telling me Mini series…I really know this should happen…but I really have no resources to make it come to fruition. I feel it in my bones soo if you have any suggestions on how to get it to the right people I will Forever be in your debt. By the way I am soo very proud and happy for all your good work and success! A Thousand Blessings my old friend!

  • larshallstensson said:

    hello and i lkite v the series yery much

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