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Ask Brett: Set 19

27 March 2010 No Comment

Question: Hi Brett: Is there a possibility of Special Delivery being sold to television, or some other venue more accessible to the public than film festivals in New York? I really don’t understand how all that works, but I am sure other fans are interested too. I love to see you in romantic roles and I truly enjoy your work. Anne

Brett: Anne, I have NO idea what will become of that film…I really don’t…..Sorry. Brett

Question: Hi Brett, I just got back from seeing “The Replacements” and had a question. I was wondering where the stadium scenes were shot. I am a native of Denver and the stadium looked like Coors Field from the outside? Also, I thought you were GREAT in the movie, very convincing! Thanks, Tom

Brett: Hi Tom, We shot the football sequences in Baltimore Ravens stadium. It was quite a thrill to be playing on that field where the real games are played. Thanks for writing!

Question: Hello. I’m a big fan of westerns and would love to see you in another Western genre project. So my question is: Is there a character in history that you would love to play… ie. Wyatt Earp, Bowie, etc. or perhaps a character from the Civil War? Thanks for your time. Raydeen from Las Vegas

Brett: Hi Raydeen, I would love to play a character from the history of the Alamo such as Davy Crockett but there is a western book called Monty Walsh and I would love to play him. He’s not a historical character but it’s one of the finest books I’ve ever read about the West.

Question: The two characters in The Replacements that got the biggest audience response were Martel and Bateman. What’s it like for you when you’re watching the movie and people are hissing at you and cheering when you’re getting your butt kicked? Sandy

Brett: Hi Sandy, Thanks for writing! Playing Martel and being booed and hissed at just tells me I’ve done my job very well. It’s kinda fun to go to the theater and hear peoples’ reaction to your character. The secret is to get out of there before the lights come up..LOL…Brett Cullen

Question: Hey Brett. Would love to see a sequel to “Stewardess School.” Any chance of that? Opus

Brett: Opus, No NO NO No NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question: Brett, after the screen fades to black do you ever devise your own endings for your characters? For instance did your character lose his job to the scab or did he come back a changed man? Cass

Brett: Hi Cass, Interesting question and one that I think most actors do dwell on. Yes, I believe that your character does go on in your mind but it’s the imagination of the audience that matters most. But I don’t think Martel loses his job to Falco because he’s a pro bowl quarterback and will come back with the rest of the team. Actually Martel just wants to win and in the original script there was a scene where Martel is watching the end of the game in the equipment room he’s locked in. When the team wins you got to see his joy that the team won. Unfortunately, it made him look likable and that didn’t help with what the director was trying to accomplish in the film…I was the villain. Thanks for writing..Brett Cullen

Question: I thought it was awesome how they had a deaf player. It really shows how you can achieve anything, especially when he got the touchdown at the end. His character really impacted me, did he have an effect on you? Alexis

Brett: I thought David Denman did a wonderful job playing his character but unfortunately I was supposed to hate those guys. But I became good friends with David and he is a great guy. I think the efforts of deaf people are amazing. I used to coach an all girls softball team and our best player was deaf. She was incredible and a joy to work with.

Question: Are you a football fan and if so, who is your favorite team? Jan

Brett: Hi Jan, Yes I’m a football fan and was a Houston Oilers fan but now I have to pull for the Tennessee Titans until the Houston Texans enter the League next year. Thanks for writing! Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett: I was wondering…what song(s) do you put on when you’re in a good mood? Or if you’re bummed, what music do you put on? If you had to choose your all-time favorite song that always makes you happy, what would it be? Thanks and I think you’re so hot and an amazing actor. Caren

Brett: Caren, Thank you for your kind words and for writing! I don’t have a single song that can pick me up when I’m down but I do love the blues, and Van Morrison can always pick me up. Sometimes when my daughter, wife and I are driving around we listen to musicals like “West Side Story” or “My Fair Lady” and my daughter just loves it. I recently played a song for my daughter that I told her she will always know reminds me of her, and that was Creed’s “With Arms Wide Open.” It makes me remember the moment I found out we were going to have a baby and how amazed I was and blessed I felt. But I also like Santana and B. B. King and Neil Young, Shawn Colvin, Lyle Lovett….the list goes on…Brett Cullen

Question: If you could choose your favorite motto or saying or something that sums up how you approach life, etc, what would it be? Your fan, Caren

Brett: “Work like you don’t need money; Love like you’ve never been hurt; Dance like nobody’s watching!”

Question: Hi Brett, I was wondering if you could tell me how people become casting directors. Do they go to college? Also, what do the letters at the end of their names mean? I believe the letters are CSA. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Kelley

Brett: Kelley, I’m not sure how you become a casting agent but a lot of people who do work in casting start as interns and learn that aspect of the business before getting the opportunity to actually cast. The good casting agents see all the TV and Films that are out there so they know who is good and exciting and will know who’s in the talent pool when someone asks. I think a degree in the arts could help but I don’t think it’s a must. I don’t know what CSA means… Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett: I’m interested in knowing more about you being a surfer. I think that’s way cool. How did you get into it? What boards do you use? Surf clothes, etc? Can you put a picture of you surfing on the web site? Thanks, Adam

Brett: Adam, I started surfing at the age of 8 on the Gulf Coast of Texas. From the time I was 13 I traveled to California, Mexico, Florida and The Caribbean every summer. I would go to one of those places and try to just surf all summer. Right now I have 4 surfboards that I ride. Three are Becker Surfboards and one is an Andy Johnston design out of Hawaii. I have surfed in Australia, Hawaii, Baja California, California; but my favorite place to surf right now is on Kauai. I will try to find a shot of me surfing to put on the site so you can see me in action! LOL…..Brett Cullen

Question: Hey Brett: I have a question. Which of these would you prefer to do? A movie that goes to theaters or one that goes Direct-to-video? Thanks, Kole

Brett: Kole, You always want your movies to open in theaters first…ALWAYS! Brett Cullen

Question: What was the first ‘Hollywood’ premiere you attended as an actor and what was that experience like? Sandy

Brett: Sandy, I honestly don’t remember, but it must have been fun because I keep going to them! LOL…..Brett

Question: I once read that you liked to play baseball. Who would you like to play in a movie about the game? Thanks, Sabrina

Brett: Sabrina, I played baseball until I was twenty and then moved into theater arts. But I would love to do a film about baseball….I would LOVE to! Brett

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