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Ask Brett: Set 18

27 March 2010 No Comment

Question: Hi Brett, I’m a fan from “The Young Riders” days although I really enjoyed “Legacy” as well. Why do you think it is that these wonderful westerns just can’t seem to make it in prime time? The Young Riders’ fans are always bantering around the idea of a reunion television movie. Would you have any interest in doing that and how would you envision your return, i.e. what have Sam and Emma been up to and how would they come back into the lives of the others? Best wishes. Cass

Brett: Hi Cass, I’m not certain why westerns don’t do very well in prime time, but my guess would be that they are too expensive and it doesn’t play into the advertisers’ demographic audience. But I sure love doing westerns and would love to do a “Young Riders” movie. I would guess that Sam and Emma are happily married and that Sam is the head of the Texas Rangers! That would be fun, huh? All the best, Brett Cullen

Question: Hi, Brett! I am a big-time fan and I loved every single one of your movies including “The Terror Inside,” “Apollo 13,” “Perfect Body” (my personal favorite), “Courage Under Fire” and “Something Borrowed, Something Blue.” I would like to know more about you (type or types of music you listen to, favorite musical band/artists, birthday, TV shows, etc). Edwin

Brett: Hi Edwin, I love all kinds of music, especially the blues, and my birthday is August 26th. The rest of the stuff you can find out on the web site. Thanks for writing! Brett Cullen

Question: Brett, Greetings from a fellow Native Texan! First, I would like to say, while I have been a fan of yours for quite a while, I really loved your work in “Legacy” and was very sorry to see it go. Did you enjoy working with the other actors on the show, specifically Grayson McCouch? Also, there is a hunting ranch that I pass quite often near Quinlan, Texas called the Cullen Ranch…any relation? All my best, Lori Borden

Brett: Hi Lori, Yes I loved working on “Legacy” and with the rest of the cast. Grayson was a great guy to work with and we had a lot of fun outside of work too. The ranch you pass is my cousin’s son’s ranch and I’ve never been to it. Go see “The Replacements” when it opens in August, OK? All the best. Brett Cullen

Question: Mr. Cullen, This is an outdoorsy question. I’m thinking about going horseback riding this summer and haven’t ridden in a long time. I’m 25 and no equestrian, but what advice would you give to a novice? Wanna go with and be my “coach”? 🙂 Respectfully, Paul

Brett: Hi Paul, My advice to you about horseback riding is this: 1) Ride a very mild-mannered horse first. 2) Have someone else ride along on their horse. 3) Just walk your horse around a corral for an hour or so talking to your friend without focusing on riding. Just sit on your horse and relax. It helps sometimes to keep your feet out of the stirrups so you can just sit and feel how the horse moves. Many people, when they first ride, put all their tension in their legs and kick the horse by accident or just plain tense up their legs and the horse can sense that. After an hour you’ll realize you’re actually comfortably riding the horse and you can then start progressing your riding. 4) You are smarter than the horse and must show him you feel comfortable on him or her. If they feel you tense up… THEY tense up. So RELAX…that’s the most important tip I can give you, but I’m no expert…LOL…And …Be Careful! Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett. You mentioned before on the site that you had a horse, Serena. Do you live on a ranch? And do you ride her often? Can’t wait for “The Replacements.” Even if you are the bad guy! I sure miss seeing you every week on Legacy. Love, Jan

Brett: Hi Jan, Yes I do have a horse and she lives on a ranch in Ojai Valley near Santa Barbara. I live near the beach in LA and I love it! I can’t wait for “The Replacements” either. Take Care. Brett Cullen

Question: Hiya, where did you learn that really cool trick you did a couple times on “Legacy” where you spin your hat in your hand? It’s a good one. Ann

Brett: Hi Ann, I learned that trick from a friend of mine I used to rodeo with. He’s also a really great musician and his name is Craig Carter and now lives in Nashville. Take Care. Brett Cullen

Question: Mr Cullen: I know you get a lot of “Legacy” questions, but I hope you’ll answer one more. I still can’t believe the show is gone. I watched “Legacy” because of Ned. He was very real to me, thanks to you. I miss him like I miss an old friend, which made me wonder how it must be for you. Do you get wrapped up in the characters you play and miss them when they are gone? Especially a character like Ned? I just really miss him like he was real! LOL. You did such a wonderful job portraying him. Thank you. Helen

Brett: Hi Helen, Thanks for writing and to answer your question, yes I miss Ned too. No, I can walk away from a character I’m playing but you do grow very fond of certain characters and Ned was one of those. I miss playing him and I miss the show more than you can know. Take care..Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett! Looking forward to “The Replacements” in a few months. My question is: Are you going to have another official chat when the movie comes out? Cady

Brett: Hi Cady, I’m sure that Mare will persuade me to do one…LOL…she can be very persuasive. All the best, Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett. Will “The Replacements” have a big Hollywood premiere, and if so, will you attend? Will you be on any talk shows or do interviews to promote the movie? I would love to see you on Letterman. I bet you could hold your own with him! I’ll be watching E! to see the premiere…I hope you go! Thanks for answering this. Steph P.S. I think you are so fine (I could never say that to your face, but this is easier!)

Brett: Hi Steph, Yes I will go to the premiere and I hope it is very successful! And thank you for those kind words! Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett, I have a serious question relating to life now for kids. When you were young, let’s say early teens, did your grandparents play an important part in your life, and if they did , did you learn something from them that you didn’t already know? Also, are you glad you listened to them with that advice! A friend, Jill

Brett: Hi Jill, I didn’t really spend that much time with my grandparents. I never knew my mother’s dad but she says I’m a lot like him. But I wish I had and would have listened to him…he’d been around and seen more of life than me. So, yes, I would have…if I had the chance. Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett. Do you wear cologne, and if so, what kind?

Brett: No, I do not wear cologne…..maybe I should…LOL…Brett

Question: Hey Brett: In Entertainment Weekly magazine they ask movie stars what book they are reading (or the last one they read) and what’s in their CD player right now…so that’s what I’d like to ask you! Love, Jess

Brett: Hi Jess, I just finished “The Gates Of The Alamo” by Stephen Harrigan and I’ve just started reading Robert Crais’ “Demolition Angel.” I have three CDs in my player and they are Susan Tedeschi’s “Just Won’t Burn,” New Radicals and Van Morrison’s “Tupelo Honey.” So there you have it. All the Best, Brett Cullen

Question: What person or persons would you like to work with that you have not worked with yet? Are there any new projects that you are excited about working on that you could share with your fans? Have you written any books or do you make any public appearances that the fans could meet you and get your autograph? What one person or thing has inspired you in your life along the way? Is there a particular role or character that you like to portray? Thanks, Hilary Light, a long time fan

Brett: Hi Hilary, I have a long list of actors I’d like to work with but I’ve enjoyed working with most of the people I have worked with up to this point. And I’m real excited about “The Replacements” coming out in August and no, I’ve never written a book. But thanks for asking..LOL…Brett Cullen

Question: Mr. Cullen, I rented the movie “Prehysteria” for my six year old son and we liked it so much I looked up your web site to see what other movies you had acted in. I read some of the question and answer section and you mentioned you were married. I think that is so wonderful. My question is how long have you been married? I have been married for seven wonderful years. Take care and my best to you. T.C. from Missouri

Brett: Hi TC, Thanks for writing and for renting “Prehysteria.” I have been married for nine years and we had been dating seven years before that….and they have been a great 16 years! Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett, Recently, my best friends and I took a trip to Disneyland. After departing from Pirates of Carribean we strolled through the gift shops in New Orleans Square and we believe that we saw you and Catherine O’Hara. We were tempted to approach you and ask if you were who we thought you were but we assumed you were on vacation so we did not want to bother you. Really, we don’t have a question but we can’t believe we saw someone famous. Hope you had fun at Disneyland. Hope to see you in many more movies. Sincerely your fans, Amanda, Angela, Kim, and Jennifer

Brett: Dear Amanda, Angela, Kim And Jennifer, Yes, I was at Disneyland with my family and Catherine and her son were with us. Thank you for respecting my privacy…Next time you see me, just walk up and say hello…it won’t upset me, I promise. Take Care, Brett Cullen

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