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Ask Brett: Set 17

27 March 2010 No Comment

Question: Did they ever show you getting married to Emma (Melissa Leo) on the “Young Riders?” If so, what was the name of the show? I also would like to know if you had an attraction to Julia Roberts in the movie “Something To Talk About?” I think you are a great actor so please keep on doing your very best. Your Loving Fan, Erin P.S. I have a crush on you!!!

Brett: Hi Erin. No, they never did show Melissa Leo and I getting married…they just announced it on the show…and who wouldn’t be attracted to one of the most beautiful women on the face of the earth….LOL….Yes, I was very attracted to Julia, but I’m happily married and think my wife is the MOST beautiful woman on the face of the earth. Take care, Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett, I just wanted to let you know I saw your movie “The Expendables” last night and I thought it was great! What is like working with Robin Givens? Where did you film this movie? Did you have to do any special training for this movie? I hope you got both of my Easter cards I sent you and liked them both! Erin

Brett: Hi Erin. Thanks for watching “The Expendables” and for being so sweet. Yes, I received the cards and I thank you. Robin Givens was just a real pleasure to work with and lots of fun to hang out with. My wife and I both think the world of her…..we shot the movie in Rosarita Beach, mostly in Baja, Mexico….Take care Erin! Brett Cullen

Question: I have started watching “Young Riders” in reruns again. That was a great show and I enjoyed everyone’s acting in it. It wasn’t quite the same after you and Melissa Leo left the show. I know there were other things going on, but missed you both. Was wondering if the cast was as friendly as they appeared to be? With all you good looking guys on one set, would think some problems might have happened? What was Melissa and Yvonne like? Joyce

Brett: Hi Joyce. I appreciate your thoughts on the “Young Riders” and I agree with your assessment of the show after Melissa and I left…LOL…..but everyone got along really well on the show and Melissa and Yvonne were just great. Thanks for writing and take care! Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett – While waiting for your next event on the 25th, I have been tuning into Falcone on CBS – WOW – I like it better than Sopranos – I like the mix of good guys and bad…it’s more believable to me being an East Coast person, etc. Anyway, have you seen it and what do you think? See you the 25th. Christy

Brett: Hi Christy. Sorry it’s taken so long to answer your question…but unfortunately we LOVE the Sopranos and it doesn’t have any commercials on HBO…I love HBO because of that…network television doesn’t have the same freedom as cable networks do and I think that the Sopranos is a fine example of that. All the best, Brett Cullen

Question: Hello Dan Fixx, I’m one of the greatest and craziest “Falcon Crest” fans, which was the reason to look at this site. My question is how you see your role as Dan Fixx in retrospect. Antonia

Brett: Hi Antonia. I don’t really have much of a retrospective on him because it’s been so many years ago…but if I had to say something about him it would be this: He was an ex-convict with a golden heart and you’d want him on your side when the S–t hit the fan! Excuse the expression, but it was used by one of the producers to explain my character…so there it is! All the best, Brett Cullen

Question: Hi. Which role was the most challenging of those available on tape? Did this role also represent what you consider to be your best effort at your craft on tape? The one you would show to cinch a really emotional part? Enjoyed “The Expendables,” especially the barroom scene. You do intimidation really well. Sincerely, Meg

Brett: Meg, I can’t really answer that question, but I would say that “Apollo 13,” “Something to talk About,” “Dead Solid Perfect” and “From the Earth to the Moon” are good examples of my work. I hope that “The Replacements” is going to be a good example of me being the kind of character you love to hate…LOL…Take Care, Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett: I loved “The Expendables.” The scene with you reading in bed when she came in and dropped her clothes was great! I loved you in glasses, too! You looked very nice! Do you wear glasses in real life? I thought you did a great job at being a tough guy, but you were nice to the girls, too. Can’t wait to see more of you! Janie

Brett: Hi Janie. Thank you for your kind thoughts and, yes, I got a pair of reading glasses this year. My thoughts on Deacon were that I needed to find some places in the movie that you could see his vulnerability and the glasses and his praying before bed hopefully showed some of that. Take care and thanks for watching, Brett Cullen

Question: Brett, I miss seeing you on TV each week! What is next for you? Are you and Meat Loaf working on your movies? I’m looking forward to seeing you in “The Replacements” this summer! Thank you for keeping us up to date with your web site! We love you! Tonya

Brett: Hi Tonya. At the moment I’m spending most of my time trying to get the movies produced and or trying to find the financing for the movies we have. I miss working right now as an actor, but this is very important to me and I need to focus on the production company and get it moving forward. Thanks for writing and we’ll let you know as soon as I put my thesbian clothes on again. Also, go see “The Replacements” this summer…it’s opening on August 25th!!!!! All the Best, Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett. I saw you on “The Expendables” and liked it. I see that it played for three days. Are they going to play it more or was that it? When are you coming back to TV? I still miss Ned Logan! Bye! Corin

Brett: Hi Corin, I’m not sure if they will run “The Expendables” any more but I’m glad you saw it. I also miss Ned Logan a great deal, but he’s gone I’m afaid, to rerun Heaven. Adios, Brett Cullen

Question: I have just read all those lovely things they say about you and I want to endorse every one of them. Don’t blush! After all, you can’t help having such a lovely face and captivating smile. This is not to forget the kind, caring nature that goes with it. The latter you have created yourself and for that, too, we have great respect. Normally, I am not one who gets hooked on my favourite actors, but you sure hooked me in “Legacy.” I am speaking on behalf of the “older” fans. Most of them are just too shy to admit that you can make even their hearts throb again and regenerate the spark of life. I think we have just found a cure for the ageing process. Want to stay young? Take a dose of Brett Cullen. On a more personal note: Do you come from an acting family? If not, did your parents support your acting career and were they as proud of you as we all are? Forgive me if I have missed the answer somewhere. Remember what Lexy said? One’s brain gets all foggy. May God shower his richest blessings upon you and your family. Much love, Joy.

Brett: Hi Joy. Thank you for those kind thoughts you sent and sometimes it’s hard for me to take compliments and I don’t know how to respond…but thank you. No, I did not come from an acting family, and yes, they are proud of me. My father recently passed away but before he did he told me how very proud he was of what I’ve accomplished in my career. That meant a lot to me and it was one of the sweetest moments in my life because my Father wasn’t one to hand out praise offhandedly. He also told me that no matter how old a person is, they still feel like they are 18 years old and it frustrated him not to have the physical strength to live the 18-year old life anymore. So age is just a state of mind, Joy! Keep a youthful existence and spread your wings…God Bless….Brett Cullen

Question: I do have a question to ask, I hope it is not too “unintelligent.” Exactly, what is a production company? I see that quite a few actors have formed them. Would your company, The Yellow Rose, be able to bring back “Legacy” to television or something with a similar theme or would it have to be a movie? Please help me to understand. Hope 2000 has been a great year so far for you and your family. Love your website; it is terrific. Thanks again. Michele

Brett: Hi Michele. A production company is simply a company that options or buys scripts or books or stories and tries to produce them…either by finding the financing ourselves and producing the movie independently or going to a studio and producing the movie through them. We can produce TV series, or movies for TV, also. Right now we are focusing on feature films, but who knows what the future may bring? We cannot do anything with “Legacy” because the production company I worked for owns the rights to it and generally won’t allow anyone else to have them…does that answer your question? Take Care Michele, Brett Cullen

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