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Ask Brett: Set 12

27 March 2010 No Comment

Question: Dear Brett: Did you ever find anyplace in Richmond, VA that served barbecue that could satisfy a true Texan? I am a Richmond Native whose Texan friends swear there is no good barbecue in town. Since I know you lived here in Richmond awhile, thought I would ask. Catherine

Brett: Dear Catherine, I never really found any real good Texas Bar B Que in VA. But the big difference in Texas versus Va. Bar B Que is that the east coast mostly cooks pork and west of the Mississipi they cook beef. But I loved the Graffiti Grill in Richmond and ate there all the time. If you go there ask for Kenny, the owner, and tell him I sent you or that I recommended his place….he’ll laugh because we’ve become good friends. All the best, Brett Cullen

Question: Hello Brett – Were you aware that you used a “John Wayne Swagger” in the last episode of Legacy when you were either walking away or into the barn I think? It struck me immediately that maybe you intended to do that? Just curious…of all the actors I have seen you actually pulled it off well. Christy Moheiser

Brett: Well Christy, You are very observant and I applaud your sharp eyes because that is exactly who I was trying to capture at that moment. Thanks….Brett

Question: Brett, I thought I read somewhere that your production company was trying to make a western about Montana. Is that true? If so, what is the premise of the movie? Have you ever been to Montana? I was just in Paradise Valley (Bozeman area) and it truly was paradise. Donna

Brett: Well Donna, I’m surprised we didn’t bump into each other in Paradise Valley because I was just there myself, near Livingston, and yes we are doing a film hopefully that will take place in Montana but it’s a period piece that takes place in 1958. So it’s not really a western per say. You take care now!

Question: Hi Brett! Another Legacy fan here! A question about the period clothing. Was it fun or tiring to wear? Thanks, LaDonna

Brett: LaDonna, The period clothing was quite comfortable except when it was unseasonably hot and then it became a bit much…but our designer did an amazing job and I loved her work….and the entire wardrobe dept. was just amazing…..I love Sherry and the gang!

Question: Hey Brett, how if at all were the Sean/Marita Clay/Vivian relationships supposed to evolve in the unfilmed episode? Did Chris Abbott let on as to what might happen to the above two relationships in season two? I know you can’t show us the script or anything like it but could you tell us about the long awaited scene in the unfilmed episode when Ned finally discovers the kind of person Charlotte really is and all she’s done? How does Ned react? How do Sean, Clay and Lexy react? Thanks! DB

Brett: Dear DB, Interesting questions!….Here’s the answers: Chris Abbott didn’t let on to what was to happen with Sean and Marita or Clay and Vivian except that those relationships were to grow. But the final episode would bring the family back together and solidify the relationships that we created in the beginning and that they would rally around Dad when Charlotte sets me up for the murder of John Turner. Then to answer your last question, the children all know she’s not who she says she is and get me out of jail before the trial and I would walk in on Charlotte as she’s forging my name on my last will and I take the will from her and call her by her real name…..that was the cliff hanger. I hope that enlightens you some as to what would of been had the show continued….and Charlotte would of been gone very shortly thereafter. Thanks for writing and take care.

Question: Hi Brett, I know you said you can’t give out much information about the last episode, but do you know if it will ever be available to the fans so that we can find out what happened to the wonderful Logan family? I also was wondering, just what was Ned’s new wife’s connection to Ned’s deceased wife Libby? I thought I saw her looking at newspaper clippings that were about Libby.

Brett: I can’t promise what will ever happen to the last script and whether we can ever publish it but we’ll see what we can do……But the connection between Charlotte and Libby is never quite explained …but yes you did see her look at pictures of Libby and it was sorta laid out that she somehow knew who I was and was setting me up to get my money and land …she was going to be unsuccessful but because UPN didn’t have the class to keep the show on the air, you will never get a chance to see that happen….I’m sorry for that because I loved the show also…

Question: Hi, I had one more question when Legacy ended were Alice and Jeremy still in love? Tonya1866

Brett: Yes, I think that Jeremy and Alice were very much in love……

Question: Brett: It’s Lindsey, your friend! I was just wondering who is your favorite standard bearer from Seattle? This better be a good answer!!

Brett: Um….I guess that would be Lindsey……how’s that…….

Question: Hi Brett, I know you were in Meat Loaf’s videos but I noticed your name listed as additional background vocals on “Life is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back” remix together with Cynthia Geary (of “Northern Exposure”). So my question is how did that come about and what was it like? Thanks, Margaret

Brett: I was on Meat’s album and that happened because we were at a charity event and we all bought the evening in the studio with Meat Loaf as sorta of a joke because we’re all good friends. My wife and Cynthia’s husband, along with us recorded some stuff that ended up on the record….we all had fun and he used us singing background vocals on that song…..so there you have it….

Question: Hi Brett, I was wondering if you can tell me something about “The Sitter.” Did you enjoy making it? And what about Kim Myers? I also love her work: Is she a nice person? Did you keep in touch after the movie? How good were the moments you spent together? My best wishes, Edward

Brett: Hi Edward, Yes I really enjoyed working on the Sitter, which was a remake of an old Richard Widmark Marilyn Monroe movie, and working with Kim was a great experience. She’s a wonderful actress and is also quite beautiful. We had a good time on that picture but unfortunately we haven’t really kept in touch that much. I really wish her the best and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again….She reminded me of Meryl Streep……

Question: Hi Brett. What color are your eyes? Sometimes they look gray or blue and sometimes violet. And they seem to change depending on what you are wearing.

Brett: My eyes tend to be blue but sometimes they seem greenish grey……but it’s hard to say since I’m looking thru them and not at them…LOL

Question: Is there any way Legacy can come back? It is a great show and I was looking forward to watching it this fall. M in Seattle

Brett: M….I’m sorry to say that Legacy will probably never come back…..

Question: Hi Brett. I just want to know how you and Connie Selleca got along on your movie “Something Borrowed-Something Blue.” Sincerely, Shirley.

Brett: Hi Shirley, I had a great time with Connie on Something Borrowed…..She’s absolutely beautiful and just a lotta fun to work with. It was a great time had by all and would love to work with her again because she has a great sense of humor……Thanks for writing again…..

Question: I am so excited about the movie Replacements because there are such good looking, talented actors in the film like you, Keanu, and Hackman is a legend. Could you tell me what it’s like working with these two guys? Are you going to be in any scenes with them. Jennifer

Brett: Hi Jennifer, Yes I will be working with Mr. Hackman and Keanu and they both are great. I just worked with Mr. Hackman this evening and he’s incredible. Unfortunately, I’m playing a guy who most people won’t like very much … someone that you’ll love to hate ….. but I think you’ll enjoy the movie alot. Thanks for writing!!

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