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Ask Brett: Set 11

27 March 2010 One Comment

Question: Hi Brett, Of all the movies you have been in what is, in your opinon, the most romantic one. Yours Sincerely, Linda Hjoellund

Brett: Linda, I think the most romantic movie I’ve ever done was either Something to Talk About (I got to kiss Julia Roberts and how tough can that be) or the Hired Heart because it reminded me of those wonderful old films in the 40’s.

Question: Hi Brett! I really love your site and appreciate all the time you spend keeping Mare updated! I am very sad to see Legacy end this week and was wondering if you could provide any details on the finale episode that was not shot? Can you wrap up any of the story lines for me? Thanks, Allison

Brett: Allison I’d like to show you the script but I might get sued but I can tell you that I’m framed for the murder of Casey Biggs character and the family rallies behind me and then I discover Charlotte trying to change my will and she realizes I know the truth about her…that she’s a bad woman who set me up and will not win this battle…that’s the essence of the last episode we will never see!

Question: Hi, my name is Erin. I`m from Virginia. My question is and its in 2 parts, of all the movies you have been in what was your favorite one to star in and make? The second part, what movie was the most difficult for you to do?

Brett: Erin, my favorite film I’ve done would either be Dead Solid Perfect because I got to play golf everyday…or Something to Talk About…The most difficult shoot would be The Killing Jar because of time constaints and a first time director.

Question:One of your movies that I truly enjoyed was The Hired Heart. Do you know if it is available on video? I would love a copy of it. Good luck in your future endeavors. Hope to see you in another family series.

Brett: I don’t think that The Hired Heart is out yet on video…but maybe someday…you’d have to call the Life Time Network to find that out.

Question: Brett you are the best. Any idea why UPN network is so blind to the popularity of Legacy? I can’t believe they don’t listen to the fans. I will never watch UPN again unless you are on.

Brett: UPN is blind and I’ll never watch them again …unless I’m on a new show! LOL LOL

Question: How is it working with a legend like Gene Hackman? I am a big admirer or people who do the behind-the-scenes aspects of movies. Who is the editor, director of photography, composer, and productione designer for The Replacements? How would you describe Howard Deutsch? Thanks Brett. Thomas

Brett: Gene Hackman is one of our greatest actors and an honor to work with. Our production designer is Dan Bishop, our DP is Tak Fujimoto, our Music supervisor is Maureen Crowe, and our editor is Bud Smith.

Question: Brett, I think you’re an amazing actor. One thing that always impresses me is your ability to cry or at least get misty-eyed so fast. It seems so real and easy for you. And you don’t just show the emotion with your eyes, but also in your voice. You get me every time! How do you do that? How do you prepare for a scene like that? I think you are such an incredible actor.

Brett: Thank you for your very kind words…but to answer your question I would be typing for the next week trying to explain an actors preparation, which is different with each individual, but I don’t concern myself with worrying about tears as much as I try to really believe what’s happening to that character in that moment and completely committing to it. If you’re committed, normally the emotions that should arise do.

Question: Hi Brett! I was wondering if you are going to pursue another television series in the near future? I will anxiously await seeing you in your new movie but I got spoiled with Legacy and would love to see you every week again! Any chances of a series?

Brett: Possibly a new series could be in the future but right now I’m concentrating on this film and on my production company.

Question: What television shows do you watch? And what are some of your favorite movies? Thanks for your involvement in your web site. It means a lot. It’s the best site I’ve seen.

Brett: I try to see everything that’s out there but with a young daughter in my life I tend to watch alot of cartoons! lol lol

Question: What is something that most people would be surprised to find out about you?

Brett: Something surprising…hm…I studied dance for 8 yrs, primarily jazz and I was a competitive fencer in college…..how’s that?

Question: You mentioned that you’ve been playing drums for a few years. Why did you start playing when you did and is there a drummer whose style influences you? Also, what kind of kit do you have, if any.

Brett: I played drums when I was a teenager thru high school but then surfing became more important to me. But I played for 8 or so years. I had a set of Pearl drums and my favorite drummer is Tony Braunigal.

Question: During your career, you’ve acted opposite a number of big Hollywood names and I’m sure you’ve benefited from their experience. What do you think you’ll pick up from working with Keanu Reeves? Perhaps he can teach you to say ‘whoa!’.

Brett: Keanu is a great guy and a huge movie star. Hopefully we’ll both learn something from working together…..my belief is if you stop learning you die….

Question: How did you meet your wife?

Brett: I met my beautiful wife at a Bar b que in Malibu…..hm …that rhymes…….could be a song there!

Question: Hi Brett. I love your work, especially the romantic movies you make, such as “Hired Heart.” Do you consider yourself romantic in real life? What do you think constitutes a romantic evening? (I want to show your answer to my husband) LOL

Brett: Yes, I consider myself a romantic….I try to send my wife flowers to let her know how much she means to me. I find just planning an evening alone with my wife and just her and I going out or staying in is romantic….She’s the love of my life and my best friend.

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  • Joyce said:

    Brett, I just watched the movie The Hired Heart (better late than never! 🙂 ). I became a fan instantly. I consider it one of my favorite chick flicks of all time. Do you know when you will make another great romantic movie like this one?

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