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Suddenly Susan (1997)

Character Name: Adam

Brett Cullen guest starred in three episodes of Suddenly Susan in March of 1997.

In the first episode, “Love and Divorce American Style (1)” Susan (Brooke Shields) gets involved in a new romance with Adam, (Brett Cullen) a divorced child psychologist with two kids – one of whom takes an immediate dislike to Susan.

In the second episode, “Love and Divorce American Style (2),” while filling in as baby sitter for Adam’s kids, Susan unexpectedly meets his ex-wife, Terri. Meanwhile, Luis and Todd help Jack set up his bachelor pad as he adjusts to his new lifestyle; and Vicki tackles Tolstoy. Jack just can’t get interested in any of the available women who visit his place, and winds up in the same bar as Adam exchanging mutual commiserations without either realizing who the other is – until a suddenly lovelorn Jack sees Susan enter and kiss Adam.

In “Love and Divorce American Style (3),” Susan makes a decision about living with Adam, but things don’t go as planned – she catches him in bed with his ex-wife.