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Red Dawn (2012)

Character Name: Tom Eckert

lt’s Friday night and the residents of Spokane are consumed with the thoughts of the local high school football game. The Wolverines just lost a nail biter and the team’s quarterback Matt Eckert is trying to shake off the tough loss. Adding to Matt’s worries is the sudden and unexpected return of his older brother Jed (played by Chris Hemsworth, STAR TREK). After their mom died, Jed left town with no warning and enlisted in the military. Now Jed is home unexpectedly after serving in Afghanistan and the brothers’ relationship is strained at best. After some encouraging words from his dad and his girlfriend Erica, Matt heads home to sleep off his loss. The next morning Matt is startled awake as their whole house shakes violently. Running outside, Matt and Jed find the sky filled with parachutes and the streets lined with military vehicles. For the first time in history, the United States is being occupied by foreign armies. The invaders are calling themselves the “People’s Liberation Army” and they easily outnumber the citizens of Spokane. Matt and Jed’s worst nightmares are actualized as missiles scream into nearby houses, rocking them with explosions. On the once quiet streets of their neighborhood, U.S. citizens are being rounded up and taken prisoner. Suddenly, with horror, Matt realizes that the foreign invaders have captured his father and his girlfriend Erica. Matt screams out to them, vowing to save them as Jed drags his brother away to safety.

With the town completely overrun by the enemy, Matt and Jed watch helplessly as their father gives up his life to protect his family, allowing his sons to escape into the Cascade mountains. Determined to fight for their community and rescue what’s left of their hometown, the brothers assemble a ragtag group of high school students and begin to fight back. Being a war hero, Jed is able to train this unlikely group of heroes the same way that he was trained. Soon they are transformed into sharp shooting, camouflaged, freedom fighters. Known as the “Wolverines” (after Matt’s football team), the group soon becomes a national symbol for the resistance and the hope of Americans everywhere. What this enemy didn’t realize is that what makes the U.S. great is not the size of its military, but rather the men and women who wear the uniform and the communities they come from.

With the help of an underground network of scared but brave townspeople, the Wolverines quickly go from a minor nuisance to serious threat as they begin to batter away at the invaders. Using their superior knowledge of the landscape that they grew up around gives them a strategic advantage. The foreign invaders want to destroy the American way of life but the Wolverines aren’t going to let that happen.

Meanwhile, Matt is searching tirelessly for his girlfriend Erica who is being held prisoner by the invaders. He will stop at nothing to rescue the girl he loves even if it means risking his life to do so. With the fate of the country on the shoulders of these small town heroes, the Wolverines must summon the courage to overcome impossible odds and unity a town against the greatest threat this country ever faced. Outnumbered and with limited supplies, the Wolverines must rely on the spirit instilled in every small town across the U.S… protect your neighbor at all costs, because even though they aren’t your blood, they’re still your family. RED DAWN will show you that when this country is in its darkest hour, salvation can be found where we least expect it.