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National Security (2003)

Character Name: Officer Heston

Brett will guest star as a training instructor in this film with Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn. Earl Montgomery (Lawrence), a bombastic police academy reject, and Hank Rafferty (Zahn), a disgraced, mild-mannered cop, can’t seem to escape each other. They met on opposite sides of the law during a routine traffic stop that escalated out of control; now as lowly security guards they’re thrown together to bust a smuggling operation. Despite facing resistance from the police department’s Lt. Washington (Duke) and Detective McDuff (Feore)-and from each other-Earl and Hank begin to unravel the sophisticated scheme led by Nash (Roberts) and his band of thugs. Our guys get their hands on an indestructible metal alloy that is worth millions and is essential to the whole ring. As hare-brained as the plan they set in motion is, these unlikely partners might just solve a crime… if they don’t kill each other first.