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Ask Brett: Set 16

27 March 2010 3 Comments

Question: Dear Brett, I would like to know who Charlotte on Legacy really was? What did she have over the priest and how was Molly related to her? P.S. I enjoyed watching the show very much and will miss it. You are a great actor. Sincerely, Jill Lukovich

Brett: Dear Jill, Charlotte had slept with the priest and she threatened to tell his wife and the community if he didn’t go along with her plan. And Molly was NOT related in any way to Charlotte …she was just helping her because Charlotte promised to help introduce her to society people once she had control of my estate…Thanks for watching the show and, Jill, I will miss the show also! All the best, Brett Cullen

Question: Dear Brett: My brother is a huge Kim Novak fan and wants to know if your had a chance to work with her on Falcon Crest, if so, what was she like? Also, on your suggestion…a few friends and I tried the Graffiti Grill. You are right, it is a great place and they remember you fondly. Take care, can’t wait to see your new movie. Catherine

Brett: Hi Catherine, I’m glad you went to the Graffiti Grill! Kenny, who owns it, is a great guy and I miss him as well as the great food there! Now you tell your brother that Kim Novak is a great lady and I had many scenes with her. She was really nice and had a great sense of humor, as well as told some great stories about her career. Take care, Brett Cullen

Question: Hi, My favorite mini series is “From the Earth to the Moon.” Was it a help or a hindrance having Mr. Scott on the set? Was he happy with your portrayal? Why weren’t any of the actors from “From the Earth to the Moon” nominated with Emmy nominations? At least a dozen of the actors and actresses should have been nominated, that includes you, too. At least a dozen of you actors had big roles in the mini series that should have been honored with nominations. Were you surprised by the lack of nominations for the actors? Why don’t the Emmys have a category for honoring the ensemble of actors? Just curious. Keep on working. Joanne Sihler

Brett: Hi Joanne, I’m very happy to hear you liked “From the Earth to the Moon” so much. I can’t answer your question about the Emmy nominations because I don’t understand how they make their picks, really. They did put some actors’ names up for nomination but unfortunately I was not one of them. Now as to having Dave on the set: He was an enormous help and truly a wealth of info for me. I loved having Dave there and I watched the episode that was about his mission with him and his wife. Afterwards he thanked me for my portrayal of him and I got so choked up I could hardly reply…He’s a class act and someone I consider as a friend now. I feel fortunate that he is my friend and that I know a real American Hero. I met Dave on Apollo 13 and the cast did win best ensemble acting in a feature film in the Screen Actors Awards for that movie. That also meant a lot to me. Anyway, I hope that answers your question…Take care, Brett Cullen

Question: Dear Brett, I’m 25 and was an English major in college. Naturally, we had to study playwrights (Ibsen, Chekov, Shakespeare, Miller, Williams, to name a few). I recently re-watched Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire” and thought of you for “Stanley” and fellow Texan Betty Buckley for “Blanche.” (If I were a director and doing a production, I’d hire you on the spot!!) 🙂 I think it would make great casting. Since you started out doing all types of theater, if you were to return to the stage, would you want to be in a classic revival along the lines of “Streetcar” or a more recent, not-so-familiar work? Respectfully, Paul Greene

Brett: Hi Paul, If I could do a classic piece by Williams or Chekov or Shakespeare I would be tickled to death. I love the theater and miss it immensely. Take care, Brett Cullen

Question: Brett…just a short hello and a “thank you” for actually answering your fan mail…I think Marion and Ramona do a fabulous job on your web site and it really should have won the web site award…you have kindly and patiently answered my questions on the chat line and in this section…which leads me to admit a faux pas…I recently was watching a TV movie and mistook Ted Shackleford for you…(blush)…I emailed Marion as to why she did not include the movie on your TV list (she set me straight). Have you ever been mistaken for another actor and do you plan to do an online chat again with your fans…I hope so …Thanks again….Janet-Marie

Brett: Hi Janet-Marie, Yes I’ve been mistaken for a lot of different actors and Ted was one of them…LOL….And I hope to do a chat when “The Replacements” comes out this summer. Thanks for writing and I hope to hear from you soon, Take care, Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett. Are your two Yellow Rose movies going to be shown in theaters or are they movies for TV? Your fan, Julie

Brett: Hi Julie, Our plans for these movies are for them to be theatrical releases but if that doesn’t work then maybe a cable movie…You never know in this business!…LOL Thanks for writing and take care, Brett Cullen

Question: Hey Brett! So, how’s it going? I have to ask you something. Do you still hear from any of your cast mates from Legacy? I think it would just be awful to spend all that time working with someone just to have them ignore you later. I’ve discovered that it tends to be a problem in a lot of places. Kisses, Sheri G.

Brett: Hi Sheri, Yes I stay in touch with my cast mates as much as possible…Sarah Rayne, who played my daughter, is still in our life and so is Jeremy Garrett and Ron Melendez. Thanks for writing…Take care, Brett Cullen

Question: Brett, I heard it is pilot season right now…are you auditioning for anything? I want you back on TV!!!!! You’re the best!!!! Jennifer PS. Happy Valentine’s Day…you are gorgeous!

Brett: Hi Jennifer, Thank you for the kind words and yes we are looking at some TV stuff but who knows what will happen…that’s the exciting part of this business…you never know what tomorrow brings…but I’m not opposed to doing another series….Take care, Brett Cullen

Question: Brett…you come across as having a good sense of humor in your chats and interviews…I think you need to have a joke section on your web site and give us a joke of the month or something…how about it? Or at least tell us your best joke…Can’t wait for “The Replacements.” Love and Valentine kisses, Shelley P.S. Please tell me you’re coming back to television soon!

Brett: Hi Shelley, Marion and I will work on that joke section for you…LOL Take care, Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett, Will you and your family be at the StarDays event in Seattle again this year? Linda Montgomery

Brett: Hi Linda, Yes, we hope to be in Seattle for the golf if nothing else….we really enjoy ourselves there! Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett. This is an acting question. You’ve talked before about not taking your work home with you and leaving it at the set…What if it’s the other way around? I’d like to know if it’s ever difficult to NOT take things to work with you that are happening in your personal life. Does that ever happen? I think you are such an incredible actor and I admire all your performances. Sincerely, Taya

Brett: Taya, Interesting question but the first thing I was taught in theater was that you didn’t bring your problems to work…you left them at the stage door. It is difficult sometimes but I guess that is why the old saying goes…the show MUST go on! Brett Cullen

Question: Brett-I was perusing your acting bio and noticed that your acting experience is quite varied (Shakespeare to romance to westerns to…and theater, TV, mini-series and movies) and marked with some great roles and performances. Given that, what roles (or types of roles) do you still aspire to? Is there something you always wanted to be when you were growing up that you think might be fun to play as an adult? Just curious, Becky

Brett: Hi Becky, The truth is that I want to just act and as long as the writing is good I don’t care what it is. I love the theater because the stage is such a naked place to be for an actor and also I find that it is a little more challenging because there is no take 2 or 3. Also, the roles tend to be more interesting and have a bit more character…if I could, I’d love to follow in the footsteps of actors like Gene Hackman or Robert Duval…they will always work and they seem to get the most interesting roles. I hope that answers your question…Take care, Brett Cullen

Question: Brett: Since you’re an avid golfer, I was wondering what your favorite course is? What has been the most challenging course you’ve ever encountered? Will you be doing any celebrity golf tournaments soon? Thanks, your fan and fellow golfer, James

Brett: Hi James, I have three or four golf courses I truly just love…1) Pebble Beach 2) Cypress Point 3) Sherwood Country Club 4) Sucession County Club in S. Carolina…and I can only play in so many celebrity events a year because I have other commitments….Take care, Brett Cullen

Question: I was just wondering what makes you go “I HAVE to take part in this movie” when you read a script? Do you mostly go for characters that challenge you emotionally/personally or the ones that are just fun to play? Do you have a favorite kind of story (crime, drama etc.) that you like to play in? Liselotte

Brett: Dear Liselotte, Sometimes I’ll take a part because it challenges me as an actor or sometimes I’ll take a part because the story I feel needs to be told. It is not always about your part as much as it is about being involved with artists you want to work with (directors, actors and writers) or projects that you feel are truly going to be something special. I seem to gravitate towards more realism in my work or drama but I love to do comedy…but there’s a lot of bad comedy out there that doesn’t touch me…but sometimes we have to take a job to pay our bills…lol..Anyway, I hope that answers your question. Take care, Brett Cullen

Question: Does your wife not absolutely hate you kissing other women on screen, even though it is only work? Rudolph

Brett: Hey Rudolph, No, my wife doesn’t mind because after I kiss that actress, I come home to her bed and my wife is an actress also, so she understands what is going on. Besides, it isn’t all that great when you have about 25 crew members drinking their coffee while you do a love scene over and over from different angles. But it can be fun! But my wife is a VERY cool lady and she knows I love her dearly! Brett Cullen

Question: About Falcon Crest, I have two questions. 1) I noticed that your sister Carly Fixx, (Mariska Hargitay) played a part in the “Gambler V,” which you also played in. This mini-series did not reach Holland (or I have missed it) so: Did you have any scenes with her and if yes, how about that after about 6 years? 2) Why did you leave Falcon Crest after two years, just as a new story line was started? Could a romance be in the cards, since Carly was not your sister at all? Mark Kingma

Brett: Now “Gambler V” was a mini-series I did about the Wild Bunch with Kenny Rogers and I played The Sundance Kid…Marishka played Etta Place…my love interest and we had a lot of fun…I’m very fond of Marishka and it was great to hang out with her because we’re friends outside of work….and we had many scenes together and some of them were…yes …love scenes…..so there’s that. As to why I left Falcon Crest…I had other stuff I wanted to try and do and I felt the show had sorta run out of story ideas that would keep me interested as an actor. I truly loved the experience of working on the show and everyone was terrific and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything…but sometimes you just gotta move on…and I did…so I hope that answers your questions…thanks for writing and I hope to hear from you again…All the best, Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett! I recently saw you on “The Sitter” and I must say I really enjoyed it; you’re quite a gentleman. Can you tell me how is Kim Myers in person? Funny, nice, serious? Please try to describe her to me with the maximum of details and, if possible, tell me something to remember that had happened between you two on the set. One of your greatest fans, Ellis

Brett: Hi Ellis, Kim Myers is a very dedicated actress who brings a lot of energy and focus to a role she’s playing. We had fun making “The Sitter” but I think for her to play a character as disturbed as hers was…it took a lot of the horseplay out of the production because she was so very concentrated on her role and the various notes she needed to hit. We had some laughs but if you’ve seen the movie, you can see how very serious an actress Kim is and how challenging the part was. I really loved working with Kim and look forward to doing it again some day. She’s a Class Act!!!!! Thanks for writing…All the best, Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett: My question is, do you have any plans for another series, or do you prefer to do films? Sincerely, Barbara

Brett: Hi Barbara, I would happily do another series if the right one was available but right now I’m waiting on “The Replacements” to be released this summer. I will do just about anything, TV or features, it doesn’t really matter…I like both mediums…

Question: Dear Brett: I have a question for you: do you have a special wish for the future, something you really hope to achieve? Is there a special kind of film or role you would like to play? Would you play the part of someone terrible, someone who has really existed? What parts will you never play? Take care, Marja van’t Hoog

Brett: There are lots of roles I would like to play but I don’t always get the opportunity because there are bigger stars that the studios want to use. I do have some pet projects I would like to do. One in particular I’d like to produce and act in, is a true story about my Father that I hope to get produced some day. I also love this book called “Monty Walsh,” that is the story of a cowboy’s life in the west and his friendship with his best friend. It’s a very poetic book and one I’ve dreamed of working on for years…so that’s about it for now. Take care, Brett Cullen


  • Wendy said:

    Hello Brett,
    I recently found Legacy and began watching on YouTube..totally into it..Love it..but after Episode 4..there are just bits and pieces until Episode 12…I have looked for a DVD to purchase..please tell me how where I can view this very beautiful and special show? Thank you so much for your time, Wendy

  • admin (author) said:

    Hi Wendy, this is Mare, Brett’s webmaster. Legacy was never released on DVD unfortunately. Years ago some VHS copies were sold on eBay once in a while, but they were unauthorized. Nothing has ever been officially released, sadly…

  • Candy Walsh said:

    Hi Brett,

    Saw you on Body of Proof last night and thought I’d make contact. Are you going to be a regular???? We met several years ago at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp in Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica. My son, Joe, and his father, PK, started the camp back in 2001. Have you been back?

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