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Ask Brett: Set 15

27 March 2010 One Comment

Question: I am sorry I missed the “Legacy” discussion on October 8 in the Chat Room. I do have a question. I am not sure it has been asked already but here it goes. What were the things being said about Sean & Marita in the letter that Ned received? Michele

Brett: Michele, Thanks for watching the show and that question has never been asked. So here goes: It said that Sean and Marita were having a relationship and that Sean didn’t marry Vivian for that reason. He dumped her for an ex-slave. That was suppose to hurt Sean and humiliate Vivian and that’s why Sean showed her the letter to say it wasn’t why he didn’t marry her and to tell her that her brother was behind it……I think..LOL. Happy New Year Michele, Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett, I first saw you in Apollo 13 and thought not only are you a talented actor, but also one of the finest looking men I’ve ever seen. (From your web site guest book, sounds as if your personality compliments your appearance). Anyway, I just picked up “From the Earth to the Moon,” and happily discovered you in the role of David Scott. So now I’m wondering if you took the roles simply because they were good roles for you, or do you have the same fierce interest in space exploration as do I? Sincerely, Maxine Sinda

Brett: Dear Maxine, Thanks for your compliments (blushing here) and for writing to me. Now I was raised in Houston Texas and have always had a great interest in the Space program. But I took “Apollo 13” because of that but also because of the chance to work with Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, Gary Sinise, Kevin Bacon, Ed Harris, and Bill Paxton…as well as the rest of that great cast and crew. Dave Scott was the Technical Advisor on that movie and when they asked me to play one of Americas living Heroes (in my opinion he is one) in “From the Earth to the Moon” I jumped at the chance. Anyway, have a happy and joyous New Year and God Bless! Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett. I don’t get on the computer until way late or not at all as there is only one in this house… but I would like to know if you already have the new future ahead all ready into the making. I just found out that I won’t get to see remakes of your shows as we don’t get the channel Odyssey. So if you’re not taking a long very well-deserved vacation with your family, can ya give me some hints on what you’re going to star on or play in? Ya really are good to watch in your movies. I wish you and your family the best! Jill Happy 2000

Brett: Hi Jill, Thanks for writing and try to use that computer more often…LOL…the future is going to be interesting I hope, but I hope to spend some time with my wife and daughter before I go back to work in 2000. If you keep in touch with the web site you should be kept up to date with my goings on…God Bless and have a happy New Year! Brett Cullen

Question: Mr. Cullen, I enjoyed your work in “Apollo 13” as well as “From the Earth to the Moon.” You seem to be quite comfortable in the role of an astronaut and I was curious about how you prepped for these projects. Did you work at all with David Scott, for example, when preparing for your role in “Galileo Was Right?” Best wishes in your current and future endeavors. Sincerely, Joe Ashton

Brett: Dear Joe, First of all Happy New Year! I prepared for “Apollo 13” by working with the technical advisors for two weeks prior to shooting and with Dave Scott, who was the Techinal Advisor for the astronauts in the film. I worked extensively with Dave on “Earth” in prepping for playing him. He’s a great guy and a good friend whom I feel lucky to have met! Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett. Do you have a release date on “The Replacements” yet? Fondly, Christy Moheiser

Brett: Christy, I don’t know the release date yet but it will be posted on the web page as soon as I know! Take Care and Happy New Year!…Brett Cullen

Question: Brett, I finally saw Legacy this week and a couple of things I was curious about: What was the relationship between Turner, Molly and Charlotte? Were your costumes made of modern (breathable) fabrics made to look 1880s style, or were they the real thing? If there had been a season two, which characters would we have seen again, and which not? Mara

Brett: Dear Mara, Thanks for writing and let me wish you a Happy New Year! Now your questions: Turner knew Charlotte’s real identity but I don’t think he had a real connection to Molly. She was being used by Charlotte. The costumes were not from the 1800s but were either built from scratch or rented replicas. They did not breath like modern clothes and we did sweat like people did in those days…LOL… I don’t know who would of come back the 2nd season, but I do know that Charlotte was supposed to set me up for the murder of John Turner after she killed him. Brett Cullen

Question: Brett, can you give us more details about the plot of your two Yellow Rose productions? What is the story line of “Flamenco?” And you said “Medicine Talk” is about your father’s exploits…can you tell us more about the story? When you do you start filming? Are you going to act in both films? I can’t wait to see your first films as a producer! Good luck! Also, are they for television or for theaters? Thanks.

Brett: I don’t want to tell you too much about the plots but basically “Flamenco” is a murder mystery love triangle surrounded in the world of Flamenco dancing in Santa Fe, N.M. “Medicine Talk” is about the little man fighting big oil money, the government, and the bureau of Indian Affairs. We don’t have start dates on either of these two but hopefully will soon. I will act in “Medicine Talk” but not “Flamenco” …take care and Happy New Year! Brett Cullen

Question: Hi Brett, I have been re-watching Legacy because I miss it so much, and I was wondering how you got the role of Ned. Did you have to audition? If you auditioned, do you remember what scene you “read?” If you didn’t audition and Chris Abbott had you in mind for Ned, do you know how and why she chose you? You were so perfect for that part, no one else could have played him like you! Can’t wait for your next show! Laney

Brett: Laney, Thank you for your kind comments. I was offered the role of Ned but I wasn’t the first actor they went after…I was their third choice and happily took it because I loved the script and Chris said she really wanted me….So there you have it!…Happy New Year And God Bless! Brett Cullen

Question: Brett, I was just curious about a couple of things. What are some roles you auditioned for but didn’t get? Have you ever been up for a part and had to turn it down or gotten beat out of a part and then the show went on to be a huge success? Sort of like Tom Selleck having to turn down “Indiana Jones” because he was doing “Magnum P.I.” Take care, Laney.

Brett: Laney, That’s a funny question and one that is toooooo long to list them all…LOL…but I will tell you this…when they were looking for the lead on “Baywatch,” the David Hasselhoff role, I met with the producer and talked to them about it. They then wanted me to come back and read and I declined because I didn’t want to run around in a bathing suit the rest of my career….LOL ..maybe I should have…whew!..Anyway, God bless and have a joyous NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Brett Cullen

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  • janet seitz said:

    Hey Brett, Just happened to see Under the Dome last night and saw you on the show. We met in Austin, in 2003 at the Starry Nights Show for Dennis Quaid Golf charity. I am sure you do not remember. I looked at my photos we had quite a few. I live in Ohio, and I am sure you have no recollection of this. It was a great trip, so enjoyed it, and remember how sweet, nice you were. Oh and yes, I saw you on Revenge too. Good Luck, I love all these shows. How are you doing? Still living in Austin? Can’t believe all these years have passed, Regards, Janet

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