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Ask Brett: Set 06

27 March 2010 No Comment

Question: Hi Brett: I had hoped so much you would return on Once and Again as the DA, but I’ve heard nothing about that. Has that possibility come and gone and if so, what was the deal? You were so perfect in that role and I wanted to see you on that show so much. Your fan, Cynthia

Brett: Hi Cynthia, I just loved playing “Bob Dumanjik” on Once and Again and I really wished I would be asked back. But I think they have other ideas about where the characters on their show are going. I don’t think they want Karen and Bob to hook up! LOL. But who knows what the future can bring? Maybe I’ll come back eventually. Thanks for writing! All the Best and Happy Holidays!

Question: Hi Brett! Just saw your Ally McBeal episode on reruns. You were wonderful. You are able to take guest appearances and turn them into something so heartfelt. Was it creepy being in that coffin? I didn’t like seeing you in it. Katie

Brett: Hi Katie! Thanks for your kind words and “YES” it was creepy being in that coffin! LOL Take care and Happy Holidays!

Question: Mr. Cullen: Your appearance on Family Law was magnificent. You made me cry several times and I loved how much you loved your daughter on that show. How did being a real father affect you or help you in that role? You are an amazing actor. Sincerely, Sue

Brett: Hi Sue, Thank you for your kind words regarding “Family Law.” Yes it did help that I have a child and that I could bring my experience as a father to the work. God Bless and Happy Holidays!

Question: Hi Brett: Have any of your female fans ever told you they were smitten with you? Tina

Brett: Well … that’s a very interesting question Tina. Why do you ask? LOL! Take care and Happy Holidays!

Question: Do you like Law and Order and would you do a guest shot if the producers asked you? Tina

Brett: Yes Tina, I do like “Law and Order” and I would love to work on that show! Happy Holidays!

Question: Mr. Cullen, I am a fellow Texas and live not far from Houston. You have mentioned before that you like to travel. Where is your favorite place to go? Also, do you view Texas as “home” or the place where you grew up? Thanks, Ashley

Brett: Hi Ashley, I will always consider myself a Texan through and through but since I’ve lived in California for so many years — and two houses later I have come to think of LA as my home. I do go “home” to Texas as often as I can and I love to go to Paris, Austin, Montana and Hawaii! Not in that order mind you! Take care Ashley and Happy Holidays!

Question: Hi Brett! Do you ever play in Celebrity Golf Tournaments? I was checking out some golf sites and I see that Meatloaf plays in some of them, but I haven’t seen you in any. Also, do you happen to know Eric Close? Hope all is well with you and your family. Stay safe! Later- Adria

Brett: Hi Adria! Yes, I play in about 4 or 5 tournaments a year for charities but have cut back on my play in the last five years since I had a child enter my life. I used to play in about 10 a year. I do know Eric Close. He and I shot a TV movie for ABC this past spring called “Running Towards The Flames.” Eric and I played a lot of golf together! Take care and Happy Holidays!

Question: Hello Brett, “I’ll Take Manhattan” is the best miniseries I have seen, and I must say you were brilliant. However, I have been watching every television channel for this particular series, I have also checked every web site to see if I can purchase it and no one seems to know what I am talking about. I must confess I saw this in my country (Guyana) 14 years ago on a Saturday evening and we were all glued to the screen. It was on video and I pray everyday for them to show it. Can you please, please help me find this video. I have the book and have read it 12 times. I am begging you Brett. Sincerely, Simone

Brett: Hi Simone! Have you gone on-line and checked with Blockbuster Videos for “I’ll Take Manhattan”? I wouldn’t know how else to find it! Happy Holidays!

Question: Hi Brett: ER is talking about adding cast members to replace Eric LaSalle and Anthony Edwards, both of whom are soon leaving. You’ve expressed interest in that show in the past — can your agent look into it and get you an audition or how does that work? I’d LOVE to see you on ER every week. Bailey

Brett: Hi Bailey: Yes, I would love to be on “ER”. But I’ll check with my agents and see if they have any interest in me! Happy Holidays!

Question: Hi Brett, We have seen you in several movies – three of them are actually some of our favorite mini series of all time. One was ‘The Thorn Birds,’ another was with one of our dear friends Jack Scalia in ‘I’ll Take Manhatan’ and the other one was ‘Family Album’ with one of our favorite actresses – Jaclyn Smith. Can you tell us what Jaclyn was like to work with and is she as beautiful in person as she is on the screen? Also, we are working on our very own TV series called ‘The Good News Gang Variety Series,’ which teaches morals and values to children and brings the family together around the TV sets and we were wondering if you would ever be interested in being a guest on the series if and when the series gets the financial backing? God Bless you and have a blessed holiday season! Shawn & Brian Chrisagis

Brett: Happy Holidays Shawn and Brian! Yes, Jaclyn Smith was a lovely lady and was very sweet to me when we worked together. And as far as working on a family based TV show, I would love to and I am constantly looking for those opportunities. You should contact my agents about my availability. They are Metropolitan Talent Agency. Take Care!

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