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Ask Brett: Set 05

27 March 2010 No Comment

Question: Brett: They say there is no such thing as a dumb question and I’m serious about these three. How did you decide whether to part your hair on the left or right? Early in his career, Cary Grant changed the side of the part of his hair based on the recommendations of his studio. George Hamilton parts his on either side for two distinct looks. I’m thinking about changing my part for a new look (hopefully an improved one) but due to the direction my hair lays I’m thinking it won’t stay down well due to cowlicks but I’m told on some people it can creates a fuller hair look for some people. Do you part your hair counter to the way it naturally lays? If yes, do you have any special advice for keeping it well groomed? Thank you for kindly and seriously answering my questions and best of success always! Dave

Brett: Hi Dave: When I was younger I parted my hair down the middle but that was because my hair went all the way down my back. Now I part my hair the way my hair falls. Be comfortable with who you are and don’t worry about where to part your hair. Let nature take its course. All the best!

Question: Hi, I saw you in The Thorn Birds TV miniseries. How was it working with Ken Howard? Was he nice?

Brett: Ken Howard was great and we’ve worked together since then on “Something Borrowed, Something Blue.” Ken and I both love the game of golf and have played a few times together. He’s a really good guy!

Question: I’m a big fan of the show “Falcon Crest” and remembered you well in it. You did a great job as Dan Fixx and really kept the show interesting after they had changed things around in the storyline. Can you share any of your memories of Ana Alica as well as Susan Sullivan, Jane Wyman and Dana Sparks? I’d appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to read my e-mail and responding! Vince LaMarca

Brett: Hi Vince, I loved working with Ana Alicia. She is a great girl and we had a lot of fun working together! Susan was great too. Jane Wyman was a real treat because she’s one of the great leading ladies of all time! Dana Sparks and I are still friends. We play golf together every once in awhile. I’ve very fond of Dana and all the actors you asked about! Take Care!

Question: Hey, Brett- Would you happen to have a picture of you with Eric Close that I could have? That would be a real coup for me! Love, Adria

Brett: Hi Adria, Sorry but I don’t have a pic of Eric. Wish I could’ve helped. All the Best!

Question: Brett, just wanted to say thought you were great in Young Riders years ago — but now here in the UK we don’t get most of the shows you have been in. One little question, if there were only two books and two CDs you could read and listen to ever again what would they be? I bet that has to be a tough question!! I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Have fun and take care. Luv, Clair

Brett: Hi Clair! That is a very hard question. One book would be “The Complete Works of Shakespeare.” The other I can’t answer right now…I’ll have to think about it…The two CDs…hmmm…one would be Aaron Copeland’s “Greatest Hits!” He’s an amazing American composer, and the other would be “Van Morrison’s “Greatest Hits!” That’s it for now! Take Care, Clair! Long Live The Queen!

Question: Hello Brett: I was wondering, how did September 11, 2002 affect you? I know a lot of people are upset about it, but some might have a little different feeling about it. Your fan, Rachel

Brett: Hi Rachel, September 11th changed the world we live in and there’s not enough room in a letter to express my feelings about it. Needless to say, it made me very sad and it was very devastating to this country.

Question: Hello Mr. Cullen! I’m a loyal fan of you! With your personality you has made “Falcon Crest” to an unforgettable prime-time-show and your role as Dan Fixx true to life. In recent years, with all the older TV and movie reunions, do you think there will ever be a chance of a Falcon Crest reunion and would you appear in it? Best Regards, Oliver (from Germany)

Brett: Hi Oliver, I haven’t heard about a reunion of FC but I’m sure if they had one it would be with all the original members of the cast. I came on in the 6th season, I think. All the Best!

Question: Three questions (1) Do you put any extra statements, etc in the movies you make that were not in the script? (2) How long did it take to make the Hired Heart? (3) Did your wife star in the movie “Appointment With Fear?” Hope to see more of you in the near future in the movies or on TV/ You are a very talented actor. Best of everything in the future, Sandra

Brett: Hi Sandra, No I didn’t ad lib much in the Hired Heart and I’m glad you enjoyed it! It took about 5 weeks to shoot that movie. And yes…my wife starred in Appointment With Fear. She wasn’t very fond of that film and ran out of the room when I mentioned it! LOL Take care and keep in touch!

Question: Hi Brett: I am a big Lifetime Movie Channel Fan and have watched you in some great movies; I especially loved the “Hired Heart” movie. You are terrific I have taped it and watched it so much it is wearing out! If there was ever an actor who made me get all excited to see in a movie I would have to say YOU! However I was curious to know if there are anymore Lifetime movies you plan to be in? Keep up the good work hope to see you in a lot more Movies and on TV! Marilyn

Brett: Hi Marilyn, Thanks for writing! I’m glad you liked the Hired Heart but I don’t have any immediate plans to do another Lifetime movie anytime in the near future. But you never know! Take Care!

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