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Ask Brett: Set 03

27 March 2010 No Comment

Question: Hi Brett!! My name is Silvia, I’m from Brazil and I’m a big fan of your work. I have just two silly questions to ask you. Have you ever been to Brazil? When you are on vacation, where do you prefer going… to the beach, Europe, Hawaii?

Brett: Hi Silvia, I’ve never been to Brazil although I would love to go there. I love Europe and have been there many times but for relaxing, sitting on the beach in Hawaii is for me the ultimate vacation. I love the tropics particularly if there is good surf!

Question: Brett, a question for you: What was your favorite role that you like the most? And if they ever did a “Young Riders” reunion and asked you to come back, would you? Thanks, Donna Louise

Brett: Hi Donna, I can’t pick one role that was my favorite but “Apollo 13” has to be near the top. And yes if they had a reunion special I would certainly consider it.

Question: Dear Brett. What is it like to go surfing? Can you describe a typical experience? Take Care, Pam

Brett: Hi Pam. Surfing to me is a very fun sport that enables me to get away from everything that hangs on me. When I paddle out into the ocean it’s as if all my worries slide off my back into the ocean. It is very peaceful, yet dangerous at times, depending on the swell size. It’s the one thing I do that makes me very calm after a session in the water. It slows the world down for me and allows me to pause my life.

Question: Hi! Brett. I am a big fan of Calista Flockhart and I know you once starred in Ally McBeal. What do you think about her? Is she nice? Was there anything funny that happened when you worked with her? Thanks! Joy

Brett: Hi Joy, I found Calista to be a very warm, sweet lady and I enjoyed our work together very much. We had to do a love-making scene in bed but we both had sweats on underneath the covers and we had to roll around under the sheets and we both got the giggles. That’s about it!

Question: Do you like playing bad (or dodgy) guys like David Blair in “The Perfect Body” or do you like nicer characters? And also did you have fun in that role? Thanks and Best Wishes, Sara

Brett: Hi Sara, I basically love to act and if I play a “bad guy” or a leading man it makes no difference. They are both characters of substance. My job is to find the reality of their lives and make them believable characters. Sometimes playing “bad guys’ can be more fun and as I get older I find that the roles I play are far more interesting than just playing young leading men. Those roles don’t have as great a history in life as do older characters if you get my meaning.

Question: In the movie, “The Hired Heart” you played a pianist. Do you play any musical instrument in real life? From Tina

Brett: Hi Tina, I played the drums in my youth and I can play a few songs on my guitar but that’s about it.

Question: Hi, I’m a big fan, of course. I saw you or your look-alike in Marina del Rey this week. Was it you? Sandy

Brett: Hi Sandy! I left town on Tuesday for Arizona but if it was early in the week it was probably me. I live very close to Marina Del Rey! Next time say hello! All the Best!

Question: Dear Mr. Cullen, Being that you are a vast ocean of western horsemanship knowledge, and gave me the inspiration and tools to try, I have always remembered your words and take your advice and instruction with me whenever I ride. Here’s my concern: the last 2 times I’ve been riding the respected horses I was on both decided to roll. Have you experienced this or do you have any advice? Second question is about riding double. My 14-year-old cousin has never been riding and he knows I ride. I’m no expert, but he asked if he could ride with me. I’ve seen people do it, but is it safe for the horse’s back, etc? Have you ridden double and are there pros/cons? Thanks for your time and I’d appreciate any advice you may have! Cheers, Paul

Brett: Hi Paul, If a horse continues to roll on you it can be VERY dangerous and I would stop riding that horse. You need to keep your horse’s head up so he can’t roll and if he does it again I’d find a different horse. You could crush your leg in a blink of an eye. And if your horse tends to roll, DO NOT ride double! It does not hurt a horse to ride double but if you’re inexperienced I certainly wouldn’t let your nephew get on the horse with you. You could both be injured. Hope this helps! All the Best

Question: I can’t help on thinking how sweet of a guy you are but to know that you have acted badly. So with that it brings me to ask why did you choose to do such a role and have such a bad character like in “Walker, Texas Ranger.” Just a curiosity question; nothing important. Jen

Brett: Hi Jen, I took that job on “Walker” because it took me back to Texas to see my family and some friends I have in Dallas! And sometimes the “Bad Guy” roles are more fun!

Question: At a shopping mall in Toronto, Canada, I got to meet one of the actors you worked with once: Hart Bochner. I’d love to know if he was really a chain-smoking, foul-mouthed and notorious jokester on the set. Someone at the autograph table said to him that he was all of those things! Robin

Brett: Hi Robin! Hart is actually a very nice guy and he doesn’t smoke that I know of. He was over at my house for a barbecue recently and didn’t like my cigar smoke blowing in his direction! So NO he’s not like some of the characters he’s played! LOL

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